New fire-proof doors in accordance
with EN 1634-1

More attractive look, simple assembly, less wear

At BAU 2007 the door specialist Teckentrup presented a new fire-proof door series with less wear, simpler assembly and a more attractive look. The thin rebate doors have less protruding hinges. The new assembly system reduces the time needed for installation and allows subsequent height correction. The door is DIN 4102 approved - but has also been tested in accordance with the new European standard 1634-1. Therefore, this fire-proof door series can be installed throughout Europe, since approval outside Germany is no longer a problem.The quality of a fire-proof door is always displayed by its details - with the new Teckentrup fire-proof doors the development engineers particularly concentrated on the installation system and the appearance of the door. The result is an optically attractive and easy-to-assemble door with increased service life.


Frame fixing has been designed to ensure that just one wall plug is required per fixing point. The awkward process of unfolding the anchor and inserting several plugs is no longer necessary, resulting in quick and efficient frame installation. Corner, counter, closed and block frames are available depending on the building situation. Installation is possible in brickwork, concrete and autoclaved aerated concrete, as well as in lightweight construction walls - even with a corner frame. After installation, the door leaf can be subsequently raised up to four millimetres. Problems caused by floor unevenness are a thing of the past.

A new solution is integrated in the latch (for the 62 millimetre thick doors): Plastic guides on the frame allow the door to close almost wear free. The adjusting pieces in three thicknesses limit the play of latch and bolt, enabling optimum position of the door. This prevents damage to the element - resulting in less noise for the user. A top door closer can be retrofitted on either side at any time.

Corrosion: A new bonding technology ensures that the new fire-proof doors do not have weld seams. Thus, the corrosion protection (galvanizing) is not damaged during production. The classic position for oxidation is no more. Nonetheless, the stability of the door has been increased due to special rebate and edge techniques. This Teckentrup door is the first fire-proof door with a thin rebate look and less protruding hinges, resulting in a flush mounted door leaf. - Fire protection, a million miles from the aesthetics of a -boiler room door-.

The door has been tested in accordance with the new European standard 1634-1 (DIN 4102 approved) - and is therefore future proof. The T30 door is available in thicknesses of 42 mm and 62 mm (door leaf), the dimensions of single leaf versions extend up to 1250 x 2500 mm, for the double leaf door up to 2500 x 2500 mm (modular dimension). Approval for the T60 door has been granted. Furthermore, several European approvals are planned.