CarTeck garage door drives

Automated technology from just one source.
Easy to operate from the comfort of your car.

High-level safety for the whole family
Permanent electronic monitoring of the door
Reliable automatic cut-off
Burglar resistant push-open security device
Tamper-proof remote control
Integrated garage lighting
Easy and clean assembly

The CarTeck garage door drives from Teckentrup are characterized by their robust mechanics, efficient motors and intelligent controls. All system components are equipped with maintenance and wear-free parts and highly-developed and energy-saving electronics. These control all the comfort and safety functions. Depending on the door requirements, the drive systems 12.1, 20.2 and 40.2 are available. Intelligent electronics, tailor-made technology and outstanding workmanship fulfil all your wishes.

Max. opening
Power consumption
in standby
 40.2    1500 N    200 mm/sec.     < 2,7 W
 20.2    1000 N    200 mm/sec.     < 2,0 W
 12.1      500 N     140 mm/sec.     < 1,5 W