Variety of accessories

The aim in providing good accessories is a feeling of quality, and it appeals to one‘s sense of aesthetics. That is the crux of our philosophy. In this way, we ensure that our extras always harmonise with all garage doors - both functionally and visually. Our drive is your satisfaction.



Real gems

Designer hand-held transmitter SH4-D black
Designer hand-held transmitter SH4-D white (with four coloured sleeves)
Premium packaging

Quality can be felt on your skin. Our new designer hand-held transmitters prove this. With their elegance and attractiveness they fit in nicely with the interior of modern vehicles.

The designer hand-held transmitter SH4-D takes care of movement, since, with its four channels, you can also operate a second garage door, a garden gate, the lighting inside and out and much, much more. The designer hand-held transmitter SH4-D black is delivered together with the CarTeck drive systems 12.1, 20.2 and 40.2 as standard.

Nothing to cover it with? That is not the case when it comes to the designer hand- held transmitter. We send out the white design with four coloured sleeves. Simply slip it on, and it‘s done. And the colour instantly matches your current mood.