Teckentrup security doors


Protect yourself effectively against burglary
If there is a break in your own home or office building, it is always a dramatic experience for victims. Not only does your sense of privacy get greatly affected during a burglary but there is also the loss of important documents or valuables which could be of a high financial or sentimental value. Even if you equipped your home with an alarm system and a solid lock, it may not be sufficient enough to prevent a break in. Weak points may instead be old door hinges and door frames which thieves will have an easy time bypassing. Also poorly monitored cellar entrances or side entrances of office buildings or warehouses are often insufficiently backed up. Thieves feel out of sight and gain quick entry. Rather don’t take risks and let it get that far, install a security door!
For many decades, Teckentrup offers its satisfied customers a wide range of pre-screened and burglary-resistant security doors. It doesn´t matter whether you want to use the safety doors for private or industrial and commercial purposes. In addition, the security doors from Teckentrup are available in many materials such as plastic, wood, steel as well as in different optics, for example with glazing. Prepare in advance now with a burglary-resistant door, so thieves have no chance of invading your home with a tool or by physical violence.

Security doors are divided into 6 different resistance classes RC 1 to RC 6 (formerly from WK 1 up to WK 6). RC 6 denotes the highest resistance class. If you own an apartment or a house, the resistance classes RC 2 to RC 3 are usually sufficient. For a normal office building a resistance class RC 3 is recommended. Of course, a higher resistance class is possible. Professional consulting for example by police counselling centres reveals the need for additional special equipment such as alarm or panic locks.Since 2010 the outer door standard DIN EN 14351-1 is mandatory. For this reason, all security doors for outdoor use receive the CE mark of certification.In addition, a certificate of conformity for the doors is enclosed, which provides information on the performance of the product.


Teckentrup security doors – versatile applicable
From the cellar door at home to exit doors of supermarkets and office buildings to prison cell doors in police stations and prisons: security doors from Teckentrup are versatile. For your home a security door with effective defense mechanisms such as bolt secured belts, security lever/knob handles, multi-point locking and security profile cylinder with anti-drilling and extraction protection provides the maximum resistance, forcing thieves to surrender quickly. The security door model "Teckentrup" for example, has a door panel with a thickness of 42mm, also rebated double and 4-sided. Furthermore, the assembly can be done either in masonry or concrete/aerated concrete. Security doors from Teckentrup offer not only a comprehensive burglary protection even during a fire outbreak but also a fire resistance of 30 to 90 minutes, smoke protection and sound insulation - simply one multifunctional security unit that you can trust! Please contact us if you want to have more information on the topic "Safety and security doors."