Teckentrup high-speed doors

The numerous Teckentrup doors are characterized by their high-quality
components and well-conceived design:

 Self-supporting, hot-dip galvanized lateral parts
 High-tensile, fabric reinforced roller shutter curtain with PVC vision panel
 Curtain tensioning with the aid of a special anti crash edge
 Special brush strips form the seal between lateral parts and the curtain
 High-performance worm gear motor, with digital end limit switches as standard.

Teckentrup high-speed doors are made for robust, permanent indoor and outdoor use. They guarantee an uninterrupted flow of traffic and reduce unwelcome heat loss to a minimum during cold winter months.
They also keep dirt out and prevent drafts. In combination with Teckentrup sectional doors and roller shutters, they are the ideal day/night barrier for outdoor areas.