Industrial sectional doors

 Extreme robustness
 Reliable operation 
 Low-noise operation
 Safe operation
 Design-oriented surfaces 
 Optimum light solutions
 Aesthetically pleasing
 Friendly installtion, innovative

The various basic door types SW, SW80, SL, SLX and SLW, together with a whole host of design possibilities make Teckentrup sectional doors flexible enough to meet most requirements. In addition to space-saving, vertical guide rail systems, the sectional door system is characterized by its low-noise operation, robust surfaces and design diversity. Attractive glazing elements and easy-to-integrate side and wicket doors ensure that most requirements can be met.
Intelligent product optimization ensures that installation of our doors is fast and simple, without having to compromise on proven quality. Numerous prefabricated parts reduce the installation time, prevent errors and increase efficiency.

New film about wicket door with
23 mm low threshold

For additional easy access for people and small transport vehicles, why not opt for an integrated wicket door with 23 mm threshold.


Materials, sections and glazing

The door sections can be designed to satisfy your every wish. 100% steel slats, alternatively with sandwich glazing, or perhaps you prefer aluminium frames with glazing panels or insulation panels. You can also choose the new 5 chamber multi-skin sheet.

Wide range of designs

The optical impression given to a building by the doors is of great importance and can even be seen as the perfect medium for communicating a company’s corporate design. The wide range of finishes, surfaces and colours available from Teckentrup allows planners and architects to be highly creative and to carry out their own individual design visions.

Comfortable operation

State-of-the-art drive and control systems are perfectly harmonized to guarantee easy assembly and programming. Manually operated doors are factory pre-equipped for electric drives for quick and easy retrofitting.