Technical demands, modern architecture

Solutions with system

For more than 100 years the name Mercedes has stood for the world-s most innovative car manufacturer. These high-class cars place top-of-the-range demands on the infrastructure. The new building of the Warsaw subsidiary required solutions which met all the technical demands and particularly fitted into the modern architecture. Teckentrup supplied the doors, thus implementing system solutions.

The modern architecture of the outer facades is especially well incorporated by the -SL- industrial sectional doors. The glazing elements create an elegant appearance and provide the perfect balance of daylight in the showrooms, enhancing the interest of potential customers. And of course safety-relevant details, such as finger pinch protection and lateral guards, have been integrated.

 Fire-resistant sliding steel doors provide protection and security in the underground car park. Held open permanently by electromagnets during daily use, smoke alarms interrupt the power supply if a fire breaks out: The door closes automatically. Wicket doors offer additional access and are suitable as an escape route. To prevent burglaries and vandalism, garages are provided on the premises for customers- vehicles. The up-and-over garage doors with ventilation openings offer not only a certain transparency and clear overview, but also fit in with the modern architecture of the entire complex.