650 doors installed in just 18 months

From folding door to transformer door: Doors from just one source

Zellstoff Stendal GmbH in eastern Germany is Europe-s most advanced and largest pulp mill. At full capacity the facility can produce up to approx. 570,000 metric tons of high-quality pulp each year. This pulp is subsequently used to produce printing and sanitary paper. At full output the plant requires approx. 9000 solid cubic metres of timber a day. This raw material is delivered daily by more than 500 lorries from areas in eastern and southern Germany within a radius of approx. 300 kilometres. Besides road and rail access to the plant, the River Elbe offers a third channel of supply.

Teckentrup completely satisfied all the demands from development to production with its expertise and years of experience. Teckentrup multi-purpose doors, security doors, transformer doors and emergency exit doors were installed at the complex site. Special Teckentrup roller shutters and sliding, sectional and folding doors secure entrances and exits during tough, rigorous daily operations. Very rarely is a door -off-the-shelf-. A sophisticated concept was required for this industrial plant with its highly complex infrastructure.

Approximately 600 doors, 40 roller shutters and 19 folding doors as well as sectional and sliding doors carry out various tasks in the complicated infrastructure and support trouble-free operation. All the doors were individually adapted to each component according to the various installation and material situations, such as sand-lime brickwork, reinforced concrete or trapezoidal sheet metal. Special solutions in almost every shape and size with various functions, incl. fire and smoke protection or special stability, were realized. The optical appearance of the doors was carried out on the basis of a clear creative design which reflected the corporate design of the company. With just a few exceptions, all the doors at the building site were painted with RAL 1006. Furthermore, all the doors were fitted with typical windows, kick plates and identical door latches. The doors were also equipped as standard with a weather board which protects them against driving rain.