Environmental Policy

Teckentrup is committed to sustainable production and occupational safety.

As such, we are introducing an integrated management system that conforms to DIN EN ISO 14001 (Environment), DIN EN ISO 50001 (Energy) und BS OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health and Safety)

The management believes that the introduction and continuous development of these three management systems will contribute decisively to the secure future of the company. That management and all employees are required to take an active part in our efforts to conserve energy and protect both the environment and health of employees.

Our company policy is valid for all sites and consists of the following points:

  • Damage to human beings and to nature is to be avoided.
  • We wish to avoid environmentally-unfriendly substances and procedures as early as in the development phase.
  • Any substances we use that damage the environment are to be replaced by more environmentally-friendly alternatives wherever possible.
  • We will include our suppliers in the processes that relate to the environment and to safety.
  • Anything that poses (or may pose) a risk to human beings and the environment shall be identified, evaluated and eliminated to as great an extent as possible by introducing reliable protective measures. The protection of life and the health of each individual must always be ensured.
  • General awareness of environmental and safety issues must be continuously developed and promoted.
  • Anything that has a negative impact on the environment must always be manageable.
  • Waste is to be avoided; unavoidable waste must be separated as effectively as possible and then either reused, recycled or properly disposed of via approved companies.
  • Energy is to be made use of properly and we must use it more effectively in the future.

The number of accidents has been continuously reduced in the last couple of years. This has been achieved due to planned occupational safety measures and targeted investments into additional technical safety devices. Permanent development of the safety systems is an important factor in maintaining and further improving upon a safe working environment. As our business involves production, we are dependent on using energy. The energy turnaround and the nuclear phase-out were announced by the federal government in spring 2011. To support these changes, we are committed to introducing the internationally standardised management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 50001. In doing so, we aim to increase the energy efficiency of the company.

One of the first steps on the road to sustainable production was the construction of the photovoltaic power plant as part of the operational expansion of the Großzöberitz site in Sachsen-Anhalt.

In 2011 alone, this photovoltaic power plant supplied approximately 400 MWh of renewable electrical energy. This amount could supply more than 100 average homes with electricity for an entire year (based on an annual consumption of approx. 3500 kWh). This also led to a reduction in CO2 emissions of more than 220 tonnes. These positive effects on the environment are also expected in the future.