Smoke-proof doors

Steel protection in highly flammable situations
Teckentrup has been offering tried and tested steel protection for many years now. Tailor-made for the surrounding environment and special functions. Teckentrup smoke-proof doors can be used forĀ all domestic, public and industrial areas. Family homes and large residential complexes as well as hospitals, cinemas, industrial premises, offices, car parks and schools all enjoy high-quality protection.

Also suitable for all common drywalls
Drywall construction is gaining in popularity. Teckentrup recognized this trend and offers a wide range of qualified fire protection doors, which satisfy the specific requirements of the various materials. The doors are available as single and double-leaf versions and tested in accordance with DIN 4102. The majority of the doors are additionally smoke-proof in accordance with DIN 18095. This means they offer the utmost protection even in the worst-case scenario. Mandatory in each case is a top door closer and a counter frame/ closed frame.