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Switch to Carteck! Switch Insulated Side Hinged Garage Doors

Switch is designed to make renovating or upgrading an old up and over garage door easy and quick for installers. Our new range of CarTeck Switch side hinged garage doors offers a great looking solution to standard size openings, whilst keeping things simple and cost effective… and all on a 2-3 week lead time!

*Depends on location, please check before offering this lead time to a customer.

Here's a quick overview of the key features:

  • 6 standard sizes
  • 3 colours and 3 designs
  • 3 surface mounted hinges per leaf
  • Aluminium strip threshold
  • Friction door stays to each leaf
  • U value of 2.20 W/m²K
  • Outward opening, left or right hand leading

Many garages in the UK have an up and over door in one of four standard sizes:

  • 7’0”w x 6’6”h (2134mm x 1981mm)
  • 7’0”w x 7’0”h (2134mm x 2134mm)
  • 7’6”w x 6’6”h (2286mm x 1981mm)
  • 7’6”w x 7’0”h (2286mm x 2134mm)

They are typically fitted onto a 70mm timber frame.

New build garage openings are typically one of two standard sizes -

  • 7’0”w x 7’4”h (2254mm x 2240mm)
  • 7’6”w x 7’4”h (2406mm x 2240mm)

Replacing these doors with a CarTeck Switch insulated side hinged garage door is simple. As the name suggests, these doors allow for a straight switch and are made to replace the door and frame sizes above - how easy is that!

The sizes shown here are the over-frame sizes that suit the openings left after removing a doors and frame. Sizes are reduced by 20mm on the width and 10mm on the height allowing for fitting tolerance. Doors include wind-out lugs for easy installation - no packers required!

Opening Sizes:

Width x Height

2274mm x 2051mm
2274mm x 2204mm
2274mm x 2250mm
2426mm x 2051mm
2426mm x 2204mm
2426mm x 2250mm

CarTeck Switch
Over-Frame Sizes:

Width x Height Replaces:

2254mm x 2041mm (7066)
2254mm x 2194mm (7070)
2254mm x 2240mm (7074)
2406mm x 2041mm (7666)
2406mm x 2194mm (7670)
2406mm x 2240mm (7674)

Three styles with a smooth finish in three colours and six standard sizes:

Classic polymer double glazed windows are available in clear glazing with black mock-lead effect lattice only and are 680mm wide x 370mm high for all door sizes.

Horizontal Centre Ribbed White

Horizontal Centre Ribbed Black

Horizontal Centre Ribbed Anthracite

Vertical Centre Ribbed White

Vertical Centre Ribbed Black

Vertical Centre Ribbed Anthracite

Classic White

Classic Black

Classic Anthracite

Out with the old, in with the new, the easy upgrade

Teckentrup Car Teck Switch Side Hinged Garage Doors Switch UKCA CE
BS EN 13241-1

Our doors are independently tested and certified to all current safety legislation and carry a CE/UKCA mark.

Teckentrup Car Teck Switch Side Hinged Garage Doors Switch Surface Mounted Hinges
High Quality Hinges

Aluminium surface mounted hinges are easily adjusted. Three hinges are fitted to each leaf.

Teckentrup Car Teck Switch Side Hinged Garage Doors Switch Friction Stays
Friction Door stays

Each leaf is fitted with an easy-action friction stay to hold the door leaf open.
Note - not designed for high wind applications.

Teckentrup Side Hinged Aluminium Strip
Aluminium strip threshold

The aluminium profile provides a simple low profile threshold (without a weather strip). with The bottom of the door leaf has a blade seal.

Teckentrup Car Teck Switch Side Hinged Garage Doors Switch 40mm Thick Panel
Solid 40mm thick panels

Doors are built with 40mm thick interlocking insulated panels and an aluminium hollow section frame that provides excellent strength, rigidity and resistance to corrosion.

Double weather strips and mitred corners
Double weather strips and mitred corners

In addition to the circumferential weather strip around the door leaf, the door frame has a three-sided weather strip for excellent draught reduction. Profiles are mitre jointed for a neat finish.

Teckentrup Car Teck Switch Side Hinged Garage Doors Switch Security Flush Bolt
Flush bolt security

The inactive leaf is secured with flush bolts to the top and bottom of the leaf. Each bolt has an adjustable flush bolt plate for greater versatility on the position of the leading edge on the inactive leaf as seals compress over time.

Teckentrup Side Hinged Handle
Stainless steel handles and security locking

High grade stainless steel handles and lock covers are tough and attractive, whilst the latch and dead bolt combination provides dependable security. A convenient thumb turn operates the lock from the inside.

The inactive leaf incorporates a stainless steel strike plate with an adjustable latch plate for precise latching and a steel lock keep box for added attack resistance.

Teckentrup Car Teck Switch Side Hinged Garage Doors Switch Security Lock Cylinder
Security lock cylinder

Certified to BS EN1303 Cylinder Security Grade 2, our lock cylinder provides enhanced security and is anti-drill and anti-pick. The cylinder also features a break off system which is designed to prevent the cylinder from being broken by including a ‘sacrificial’ section that breaks off if an attempt to break the cylinder is made, whilst leaving sufficient cylinder remaining to still operate the lock with a key.

Every door comes with three keys as standard. Additional keys can be cut at a high street locksmiths.

Can I have?...

“It’s not one of the standard sizes – how much for this size?”
Switch is only available in the standard sizes listed…

“Can I get it in a different design/colour?”
Switch is only available in the colours and sizes shown…

“Can I have the door with a three-part threshold?”
Switch is only available with the aluminium strip threshold…

Can I have the door with concealed hinges?”
Switch is only available with surface mounted hinges…

Okay – you should have got the message – Switch can’t be tinkered with or tweaked – that’s how we’re able to offer the price point and quick lead time!

Helping you sell.

To accompany this fantastic new range of CarTeck Switch side hinged garage doors, we’ve created a brochure and price list to help you make the switch!

Download the new separate brochure and price list here:


Download the full colour Switch brochure here.

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