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Jim Rodger

“We make doors, of course, but we believe in understanding your needs first and then creating a door solution.”
Jim Rodger, Managing Director

Teckentrup UK Limited is part of the International Teckentrup family that has its headquarters and main manufacturing facility in Germany. Teckentrup has been in the UK since 2008, operating from its manufacturing facility in Warrington, Cheshire.

In that time, the UK team has focussed on building a reputation for the range of garage doors, steel doors and industrial doors based on trust and confidence. Confidence in the quality and design of the products and trust in the support and service that wraps around every product. Every door has a story and every single door matters.

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The Teckentrup promise: We find the best solution: your solution

Whether in product development, production, sales or aftercare, whether it’s about the overall concept or a small detail – for us the key question is always: “What is the solution for you?”

Placing our customers at the centre of what we do is the best route to an ideal solution.

By focusing on meeting your needs we create solutions that expand the usefulness of our products. That combine efficiency and value. That provide the right answers to important questions. And help make your project a success. This vision inspires not only you but every single person at Teckentrup too.

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CarTeck Garage Doors

Make your garage part of the home

Garages can often be draughty, cold and uninviting spaces and opening a tilting garage door can be a shin cracking chore. CarTeck Automatic changes everything.

CarTeck Automatic is a design and precision engineering led sectional garage door. Wonderful architect grade finishes and styling are married with certified thermal performance.

Operation is by an integrated smart technology remote control motor, the CarTeck Drive. Opening your door becomes effortless, safe and secure. It brings your garage back to being part of your home.

Harmony in motion.

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The CarTeck range of side-hinged garage and personnel doors come in a range of 5 styles, available either horizontal or vertical. All of the designs shown are available with any combination of finish (excluding Georgian panel) and colour.

Teckentrup side hinged garage doors and personnel doors are quite simply the very best. The solid panels, engineered hollow section aluminium frames and high grade fittings result in a door that closes with a reassuringly deep “clunk”. 

Security is excellent and the range of styles, finishes and windows allows personalisation to suit your tastes. 1/2 and 1/2 opening and asymmetric  configurations further increase versatility.

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The main entrance doors to homes are becoming more attractive and high performance. Hinged swing garage doors, whilst still popular, are limited in choice and performance. 

The Teckentrup 62 Swing Secure brings crisp aesthetics and comparable performance to the main entrance door; Thermal Transmittance, Resistance to Windload, Watertightness, Air Permeability and Operating Forces are all certified in these high performance doors. 

LPS 1175 ISSUE 8 A1 (SR1) & Secured by Design

Add to this, certified security to the Secured by Design Police Preferred Specification as standard, tested to LPS 1175 Issue 8 A1 (SR1) and Teckentrup 62 Swing Secure garage doors are a classic, updated for today’s homes. The superb build quality of the double leaf doors is complemented by matching single leaf doors for side or rear access to your garage space.

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Go big! The perfect solution for openings up to 8 metres wide...

From the outside our Super-Size doors are indistinguishable from our “normal” sized garage doors - the same stunning profiles, the same attractive windows and finishes. They are just wider - Super-Size doors start above 5.5m (18’0”) wide and reach 8.0m (26’3”) wide in a single span. 

Robust and good-looking

Wonderful architect grade finishes and styling are married with certified thermal performance.

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CarTeck Solid Sectional Garage Door - Woodgrain Anthracite with Square Type 1 Windows
CarTeck Georgian Side Hinged Garage Door - White with Vertical Cross Mullion Windows
CarTeck Solid Sectional Garage Door - Smooth Window Grey with Square Type 1 Windows
CarTeck Georgian Side Hinged Garage Door - Woodgrain Wood Effect Golden Oak with Type 1 Windows

Steel Doorsets

Making the complex simple

Our versatile steel door and doorset solution is a modular product that delivers configurable core performance characteristics alongside additional capabilities across fire, acoustic, insulation, pressure and security.

  • Security
  • Fire
  • Acoustic
  • External enveloping
  • Highly bespoke
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Insulation And Integrity Certified Fire Door Protecting A Hotel Stairwell

Industrial Doors

Robust. Durable.

Simple, Robust, Flexible

The simple, robust and flexible design featuring a door curtain that winds up very tightly is suitable for a wide range of applications. Whether they are installed outside or inside, laterally or overhead due to reduced space, Teckentrup roller shutters are suitable for any structural situation.

  • For loading bays
  • Ideal for underground garages
  • Shop front security, e.g. in shopping precincts/centres
  • Optimum integration into existing constructions
  • Compliant with explosion protection standards
  • Suitable for use in confined spaces
  • Outside roller shutters with roller box
  • Special solutions also for oversized dimensions
  • Meet the provisions of EN 13241-1
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Strong on Aesthetics and Performance

Teckentrup folding doors are used in a host of applications, e.g. large maintenance or equipment halls, vehicle depots and other manufacturing environments, and are adapted to the individual building requirements. 

If you require a high-speed door, an integrated electric drive is the perfect solution.

The robust, flexible and space-saving door design has very few wear parts and is extremely durable and almost maintenance free, making it a very economical solution.

  • Space-saving outside installation
  • Reduced maintenance
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Versatile, Discreet and Effective

Our extended range of sliding doors includes a wide variety of steel fire doors for various industrial, trade and commercial requirements

Teckentrup has offered tried and tested fire protection for many years. Today, the continuously extended range of fire doors includes a wide variety of steel fire doors for various industrial, trade and commercial requirements.

State-of-the-art drive and control systems guarantee simple and safe door operation with automatic closing in case of a fire or power cut.

  • Fire-resistant steel sliding door
  • Galvanized door leaf and door seal
  • Optional wicket doors
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Industrial ThermoTeck XXL Roller Shutter Door
Automatic Fire-resistant steel sliding door T30-1-FSA "Teckentrup 72 E"
Industrial Sliding Folding Insulated Door FE "Teckentrup 50"
Fire-resistant steel sliding door T90-1-FSA "Teckentrup E" Dividing A Hotel Space

Case Studies

Teckentrup - Data Centre Experts

Teckentrup has developed in-depth product know-how and a wide range of services and consultation services in this field, enabling Teckentrup to provide reliable support to planners and project managers worldwide.

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Crossrail’s Whitechapel Station

Success under pressure… Crossrail’s Whitechapel station required doors that were security rated and fire, sound and… …pressure resistant.

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Teckentrup secures role as "door department" for Transport for London

Teckentrup were asked to help with a door solution part way through the building of Liverpool Street Station on the Crossrail Queen Elizabeth Line project.

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