Lidl Stores UK

New Lidl stores and stores undergoing refurbishment around the UK are now supplied with Teckentrup steel doors and doorsets. Lidl has a standard footprint for every store, however at each location there are differences. Changes are driven by planning restrictions, site space, etc, and it means each site is unique to some degree.

Teckentrup works with LIDL and its contractors to identify the variances and advise on the solutions long before sending products to site. Doors are typically at the end of the build programme; contractor knowledge is limited and specifications are constantly changing. A recipe for potential problems...

Jim Rodger Teckentrup Square

“Teckentrup has supplied hundreds of stores around the UK, a clear indicator of Lidl’s confidence in our partnership approach.”
– Jim Rodger, Managing Director

...The objective - open on time!

Teckentrup’s approach is one of partnering the process to ensure that possible pain points are identified, resolved and kept on top of for the duration of the build. Checking at the plan stage to ensure the right doors are specified, then checking that openings are being built to the right size. The objective – open on time!

Teckentrup provides clear guidance to contractors on how to ensure success – specify this, check that, watch for this, build to this, etc. and keeps ownership of the key areas, maintaining a constant dialogue with the site and the key people to make certain things go as expected. With no time to rectify miss-measures or incorrect specification before opening, right first time is our mantra!

Teckentrup has supplied hundreds of stores around the UK, a clear indicator of Lidl’s confidence in our partnership approach.

Case Studies

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When it comes to commercial construction projects, there is no better partner than Teckentrup. Teckentrup has the experience and specialist knowledge to help achieve the compliance or access requirements your project needs.

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New Victoria Residential Development, Manchester

Teckentrup, in partnership with its sister company, ABC Doors, worked on the project for leading construction company Vinci & Muse Developments. The project was ideal for the Teckentrup/ABC offering, demonstrating the combined expertise of both companies.

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Whitechapel Station - The Elizabeth Line - The Full Story

Doors in underground stations not only have to meet fire protection, security and safety requirements, but in particular they have to be able to handle pressure.

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