Teckentrup Industrial Sectional Doors

The design of Teckentrup's sectional door types, together with a whole host of options on offer, make our sectional doors flexible enough to meet most requirements. Intelligent product optimisation ensures that installation of our doors is fast and simple, without having to compromise on proven quality. Numerous prefabricated parts reduce the installation time, prevent errors and increase efficiency.

The 40 Series

The industrial sectional doors from the 40 series are based on a double-walled and 40 mm thick door leaf design. As standard, they are equipped with a special PU hard foam core and are thus commonly used in logistics and production centres, agricultural enterprises or warehouses.

The 80 Series

The SW 80, SL 80 and SLW 80 industrial sectional doors have a door leaf thickness of 80 mm. They are thus the first choice for all areas that require high-quality thermal separation. With the SL 80 and SLW 80 door types, heat insulation including glazing elements are possible

  • Extreme robustness
  • Reliable operation
  • Low-noise operation
  • Safe operation
  • Design-oriented surfaces
  • Optimum light solutions
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Efficient installation
  • Innovative

SW Sectional Door

Combines efficiency and robustness

SW 40 Sectional Door

The Teckentrup SW 40 steel sectional door is primarily suited for use in harsh environments and is distinguished by its robust construction and numerous design options.

SW 80 Sectional Door

The SW 80 special door ensures optimal cold and thermal insulation and is extremely resilient, even with high wind loads. It is suitable for special applications in refrigerated warehouses, beverage warehouses, and vegetable and fruit warehouses.

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Teckentrup SW 40 SW 80 Insulated Sectional Door

SL Sectional Door

Diverse looks and excellent light penetration

SL 40 Sectional Door

The Teckentrup SL 40 sectional door with aluminium frame profile and glazing elements is extremely light permeable and gives every building an elegant style. The high light penetration provides a friendly working environment.

SL 80 Sectional Door

Implementing efficient thermal insulation and, at the same time, utilising the many possibilities of lighting design – this is made possible with the SL 80 industrial sectional door. The glazing will convince you with its excellent thermal insulation values and delicate appearance.

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Teckentrup SL 40 SL 80 Aluminium Frame Sectional Door

SLW Sectional Door

Stylish design for bright spaces

SLW 40 Sectional Door

The Teckentrup SLW 40 sectional door with steel slat base and elegant aluminium frame construction is the perfect alternative if durability and generous light penetration are in equal demand. Because the glazing elements allow a great deal of light into the building.

SLW 80 Sectional Door

The SLW 80 sectional door with steel slat base and elegant aluminium frame design is the perfect combination of heat insulation and optimal light penetration.

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Teckentrup SLW 40 SLW 80 Steel & Aluminium Frame Sectional Door

SLX 40 Sectional Door

Elegant transparency for aesthetically-pleasing architecture

The Teckentrup SLX 40 sectional door combines elegant transparency with maximum light penetration, thus making modern architectural concepts possible and providing suitable settings to present high-quality lifestyle products such as cars and camper vans, yachts and boats.

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Teckentrup SLX 40 Glazed Sectional Door

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