Teckentrup SW Sectional Doors

The Teckentrup range of SW sectional doors are made of steel slats and guarantee maximum security and reliability.

The double-skinned PU foam core design prevents heat from escaping, ensuring the SW range are energy-saving doors. Teckentrup offer the SW sectional door in two thicknesses, 40 mm and 80 mm.

  • High quality steel slats
  • Highly-rigid PU hard foam heat-insulating
  • Modern and stylish design
  • Now available in trend colours and wood designs!
  • Glazing available
  • Storm proof
  • Various hardware to suit every architecture
  • Quick and easy installation thanks to prefabricated assemblies

SW 40 Sectional Door

The energy-saving door prevents heat from escaping

The Teckentrup SW 40 steel sectional door is primarily suited for use in harsh environments and is distinguished by its robust construction and numerous design options.

The Teckentrup SW 40 sectional door made of steel panels guarantees maximum security and reliability. The double-skinned PU foam core design is heat insulating and particularly suitable for heated buildings. The modern styles and colours are easily integrated into the existing architectural style of the hall. Whether with a coloured surface finish or a combination of various glazing systems. Teckentrup offers the right drive for every type of door.

  • High quality steel slats, 40 mm thick
  • Double-skinned, PU foam core
  • Highly-rigid PU hard foam heat-insulating
  • Modern high-tech look
  • Less expensive than coated doors, but with the same high robustness and long life cycle
  • NEW: 5 chamber multi-skin sheet
  • Now available in trend colours and wood designs!
  • Glazing now also available as an extremely scratch-proof version!
  • Outer surface: micro-profiled, and inner surface: Stucco design
  • As standard with double-sided basic coating in RAL or NCS colours
  • Exterior micro-profiled, interior in stucco design
  • As standard with dual-sided priming coat in many standard colours or additional colour tones per RAL or NCS
Teckentrup SW40 Sectional Door
Micro-profiled insulated panel

SW 80 Sectional Door

Energy-efficient and heat-insulating

The SW 80 sectional door ensures optimal cold and thermal insulation and is extremely resilient, even with high wind loads. It is suitable for special applications in refrigerated warehouses, beverage warehouses, and vegetable and fruit warehouses.

The highly insulated Teckentrup sectional doors SW 80 are particularly suitable for (refrigerated) warehouses in the food sector. The energy usually required to maintain a constant temperature inside these buildings is exceptionally high. The double-skinned, 80 mm thick, thermally separated steel panels as well as the circumferential, rot-proof special seals help to achieve the extremely low UD value of just 0.58 W/m²k. The heat or cold loss is minimised, and energy costs drastically reduced. And due to its great stability, the special door is particularly suitable for windy areas (e.g. in mountainous or coastal regions).

  • 50% greater heat insulation due to thermally separated, 80 mm thick steel sections
  • Extremely low UD value of just 0.58 W/m²k for a 5x5 m installed door
  • Highly-rigid PU hard foam, heat-insulating
  • Storm proof: Resistance to high wind loads up to class 4 (= 144 km/h)
  • Stylish designs
  • Optionally with glazing
  • Also available as a high-speed version
  • Available up to widths of 8 m
  • Various hardware to suit every architecture
  • Quick and easy installation thanks to prefabricated assemblies
  • Exterior without ribs, micro-profiled, interior horizontally lined and stucco-patterned
  • As standard in grey white (similar to RAL 9002)
Teckentrup Industrial Insulated SW 80 Sectional Door
SW 80 Insulated Panel

Sw 80 Double Side Seal 2
Double side seal

The high insulating effect is achieved by the double side seals between the frame and door leaf.

Sw 80 Floor Seal
Floor seal

The rot-proof bottom seal made from non-freeze EPDM rubber profile smooths out floor unevenness and protects from cold and damp.

Sw 80 Top Seal
Top seal

It securely closes, seals and insulates the door in the lintel across its full width.

Our products attain a great thermal effect by combining many constructive features: The double-walled, 80 mm thick steel panels are coated with highly-insulating polyurethane (PU) foam and thermally separated from one another.

In addition, the door leaf is equipped with a rot-free double seal. In this way, it achieves an extremely low UDvalue of 0.58 W/(m2K)*. A quality that effectively minimises cold or heat losses and tangibly reduces energy costs.

* Refers to a closed SW 80 door with an area of 5 x 5 m.


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