Core Performance Characteristics

Door solutions for potentially explosive areas, such as warehouses for gas and solvents or silos, demand specialist safety consideration. Our ATEX doors comply with required regulations for explosive environments which includes elements in stainless steel, electrostatic conductivity or the thinnest possible coating thickness of max. 0.2 mm. All Teckentrup doors are optionally available with explosion protection in accordance with the ATEX directive.

  • Components approved for the ATEX area
  • High level of quality
  • Delivery with ATEX-compliant documentation

The Teckentrup 62 modular system allows for 1000s of possible combinations, making the complex simple. Find out more

For when things get dangerous.

Compliance meets easy assembly.

Doors are quick to assemble with flexible solutions available - with additional equipment, ATEX doors can offer fire resistance, smoke protection, sound insulation and burglary resistance.

Available with:

  • Fire-resistant as per EN 1634-1(DIN 4102)1*
  • Smoke-proof as per EN 1634-3 (DIN 180951)*
  • Sound-insulated as per EN 10140/EN 717-1*
  • Burglary-resistant as per DIN EN (16271)*
  • Use in exterior walls CE marking as per EN 14531-1*

*with additional equipment.

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Teckentrup ATEX Doors

We live in your world...

Delivering a project from conception to handover is an undertaking that requires many elements to work together...

Teckentrup understands the language of complex projects; how to design a solution for the building not just a door, but how to provide drawings in the right way, how to deliver the door, how to manage project timeframe shifts, how to work seamlessly within the contract process and provide product of certified and documented capability.

Design Manager

“Non-compliance is everywhere!”
– Design Manager

“We don’t do non-compliance and see the specification and the contract as the simplest route to make things work smoothly for everyone.”

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Project QS

“We have a process - it's called a contract!”
– Project Quantity Surveyor

“Teckentrup understands. We read it, we refer to it. We use it to help you achieve the right result.”

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Package Manager

“If we work together and tick the boxes the package should be straightforward.”
– Package Manager

“Working to specification and contract is key; communication with you is central to keeping things moving.”

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Teckentrup Acoustic Door 3
Teckentrup Sliding Fire Door 1
Teckentrup ATEX Steel Door Crop
Teckentrup Acoustic Door 3
Teckentrup Sliding Fire Door 1
Teckentrup ATEX Steel Door Crop

Frames & Hardware

Clever framing solutions and finishing touches

As a project manager, the success of a major initiative often depends on a small detail.

Teckentrup's frame solutions allow for installation in all site scenarios including variable reveal depths and flush finish with wall renders. The four main types are:

  • Block frames with captive seals.
  • Corner frames with captive seals, concealed fixings with adjustable screws and only one fastening point.
  • Corner Counter frames with captive seals and concealed fixing of the counter frame with special fold anchors.
  • Closed frames with captive seals.

Teckentrup can advise on the right solution and their suitability for applications such as fire, acoustics, etc.

The Hardware, accessories, vision panels, louvres, etc., are all selected to suit application, life cycle value requirements and other criteria, against which Teckentrup can provide certification. Advice on selection and integration with access and building systems such as fire and security is also part of our solution based approach.

Corner Counter Frame Rectangle
Corner Frame
Block Frame
Teckentrup Closed Frame

The modular steel doorset

We have a range of steel doorsets that cover multiple requirements making it easier to find a solution that covers all of your requirements in a single product.

Talk to us about your requirements