Smart and modular

The Teckentrup 62 modular system

Five steps to your goal

Our modular system gives you more that 400,000 possible combinations. But most important is the one that meets all your needs - your ideal door.

Getting there is simple. First we'll help you define the area of application and the functionality associated with it, for example fire protection. Then a checklist: What kind of rebate is needed? What type of wall is there? Which frame fits the space best? And finally, what special accessories and hardware?

Ronny Gnichwitz
Product Management Professional


As flexible as your needs - with our modular system, we can configure the doors you want for your project step by step, matching the architecture, the purpose and the technical conditions on-site.

Especially convenient:

Because our modular system is based on a uniform technological platform, the steps for installation are always the same, regardless of the door model.

Modular Diagram