Teckentrup UK Limited is part of the International Teckentrup family that has its headquarters and main manufacturing facility in Germany. Teckentrup has been in the UK since 2008, operating from its manufacturing facility in Warrington, Cheshire.

In that time, the UK team has focussed on building a reputation for the range of garage doors, steel doors and industrial doors based on trust and confidence. Confidence in the quality and design of the products and trust in the support and service that wraps around every product. Every door has a story and every single door matters.

“We make doors, of course, but we believe in understanding your needs first and then creating a door solution.”

Jim Rodger
Managing Director

Jim Rodger Teckentrup

CarTeck Garage Doors

Alison Rodger Teckentrup
Alison Rodger
General Manager

Ian Astin Teckentrup
Ian Astin
Home Product Manager

Chloe Cookson Teckentrup
Chloe Cookson
Company Administrator

Rhianna Johnson Teckentrup
Rhianna Johnson
Customer Support

Eleanor Myers Teckentrup
Eleanor Myers
Customer Support

Loius Wynne
Louis Wynne
Business Development

Jay Oliver
Jay Oliver
Production Manager

Luke Henshaw
Luke Henshaw
Assistant Production Manager

Brian Milne Teckentrup
Brian Milne

Kevin Broadhurst Teckentrup
Kevin Broadhurst

Ross Worthington
Ross Worthington

Toni Baldwin Teckentrup
Toni Baldwin
Accounts Manager

Commercial Division: Steel Doors & Industrial Doors

Ian Broadley Teckentrup
Ian Broadley
National Sales Manager

teckentrup team blank
Jamie Lennon
Internal Sales

teckentrup team blank
Sue Johnson
Internal Sales Administrator

Colin Hayes Teckentrup
Colin Hayes
Commercial Division

teckentrup team blank
Helen Tang
Commercial Manager

teckentrup team blank
Gemma Thurgood
Commercial Administrator

Nick Morson Teckentrup
Nick Morson
Project Manager

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Dave Thorbinson
Project Manager

Anneka Mulvey Teckentrup
Anneka Mulvey
Project Planner

Iain Rodger Teckentrup
Iain Rodger
Project Planner

Steve Tetlow Teckentrup
Steve Tetlow
Project Administrator

Jason Marshall Teckentrup
Jason Marshall

teckentrup team blank
Joel Livesey

teckentrup team blank
Mark Hubbard
QA/QC Manager