The task

When standing on the Elphi-Plaza overlooking the Elbe or listening to brilliantly presented sounds of music in the concert hall, you will surely not think of how many passageways you have passed on your way there.

In a building such as the Elbe Philharmonic Hall first-class products are not only installed where they are visible and aesthetics matters but everywhere. You will be forgiven for not considering the mundane, like safety and security. In a concert hall with an auditorium capacity of up to 2,100 spectators the escape routes for instance require time-consuming planning.

In such a superlative building interior design in every detail counts. Thus the doors are chosen due to their functionality and due to their aesthetic criteria: Fire protection and smoke protection have to be harmonised with the creative claim of a flush view.

The solution

Special block frames with rim widths up to 625 millimetres for two-leaf doors that have the exact same depth as the wall. This also made individual approvals necessary in most cases. That is time-consuming indeed, however in the end it worked out smoothly as our doors in their standard versions are proven fire protection doors.

Although the doors may show uniform visual appearance: their functions are very different. Depending on their place of action they are one-leaf or two leaf versions, as T30 or T90, some with and some without smoke protection. Where special sound insulation was required, special fastening material had to be used. Approximately one sixth of the doors are opening automatically and around 40 percent of the doors are connected to the access control system, to the burglar alarm system or the central smoke extraction system. To keep escape routes for people with special needs clear, some fire protection doors are mandatory to open automatically. Those solutions are reason for our products being named "door solutions“. In total there are 15 different frame versions with identical visual appearance.

Case Studies

Delivering unusual security rated doors for the Tate Modern

The RC4 security rated doors were quite large at 3m x 3m which, combined with the need to clad the doors in the same material as the building, created potential certification issues.

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Teckentrup secures role as "door department" for Transport for London

Teckentrup were asked to help with a door solution part way through the building of Liverpool Street Station on the Crossrail Queen Elizabeth Line project.

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Teckentrup Door Solutions supplies 100s of doors for new UK Lidl Stores

Teckentrup’s approach is one of partnering the process to ensure that possible pain points are identified, resolved and kept on top of for the duration of the build.

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