Core Performance Characteristics

Lipped edge doors usually create a step from the frame to the door leaf. The result is a disrupted line from wall, to frame, to door. With FB profile frames the finish is flush from wall, to frame, to door for uninterrupted, clean aesthetics.

  • Flush front, mitred frame profile
  • High quality, attractive and modern
  • Stainless steel fittings
  • Burglary protection up to RC 4 possible
  • Variability of the "62" system
  • Short delivery times and quick installation on site
  • Welded and end-coated product

The Teckentrup 62 modular system allows for 1000s of possible combinations, making the complex simple. Find out more

Flush doors.

Achieve the ultimate modern look at an economically attractive price.

Discreet and unobtrusive design solutions are the choice of most modern spaces – clean lines, elegant shadow gaps and harmonious edges help to create an architectural, modern aesthetic. However, sometimes, design-oriented solutions can be time and cost intensive when it comes to installation on site. At Teckentrup, we know that formal integration of technical and functional elements is key to meeting the demands of modern architecture. In order to be able to realise high design requirements of this kind in an uncomplicated way, we at have developed the "Design Profile FB" – the simple solution for flush styling.

When developing the solution, we considered easy installation in addition to architectural quality, economic efficiency, and ease of use. Teckentrup delivers doors with a high-quality powder coating and with a factory-filled block frame so that the finished door can be installed at an advanced construction stage. This reduces the risk of damage on site whilst construction is underway. Installation and acceptance could even take place on the same day.

Teckentrup Flush Door with vision

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Versatile application.

The right design for every scenario.

The "Design Profile FB" frame set can be easily combined with standard steel door frames. In combination with a block frame, the door sits flush with the wall, while the door leaf is flush with the frame and thus on the same level as the skirting board when used with corner or closed frames.

In line with our modular system, we can supply door variants that are suitable for all applications and retain their certification with the design profile FB. Whether increased requirements for smoke protection, sound insulation, burglary protection or surface design including glazing - the doors can be adapted to almost any structural and planning specification with solutions for:

  • Construction
  • Office buildings
  • Industrial architecture
  • Health or education environments
  • Hotels
  • Residential buildings
  • Public buildings
  • Server rooms
  • Schools and education centres
Teckentrup Flush Door

We live in your world...

Delivering a project from conception to handover is an undertaking that requires many elements to work together...

Teckentrup understands the language of complex projects; how to design a solution for the building not just a door, but how to provide drawings in the right way, how to deliver the door, how to manage project timeframe shifts, how to work seamlessly within the contract process and provide product of certified and documented capability.

Package Manager

“If we work together and tick the boxes the package should be straightforward.”
– Package Manager

“Working to specification and contract is key; communication with you is central to keeping things moving.”

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Project QS

“We have a process - it's called a contract!”
– Project Quantity Surveyor

“Teckentrup understands. We read it, we refer to it. We use it to help you achieve the right result.”

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Project Engineer

“We have to get the job complete and I need you to play your part”
– Project Engineer

“We become "your door department", ensuring potential issues are headed off and installation runs to plan.”

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Teckentrup Flush Door with vision
Teckentrup Flush Doors Hinge Detail
3D Hinge
Frame Mitre
Flush rendered finish
Teckentrup Flush Door
Teckentrup Flush Door for clean lines and finishes
Stainless Steel Hinges
Teckentrup Flush Door with vision
Teckentrup Flush Doors Hinge Detail
3D Hinge
Frame Mitre
Flush rendered finish
Teckentrup Flush Door
Teckentrup Flush Door for clean lines and finishes
Stainless Steel Hinges

Frames & Hardware

Clever framing solutions and finishing touches

As a project manager, the success of a major initiative often depends on a small detail.

Teckentrup's frame solutions allow for installation in all site scenarios including variable reveal depths and flush finish with wall renders. The four main types are:

  • Block frames with captive seals.
  • Corner frames with captive seals, concealed fixings with adjustable screws and only one fastening point.
  • Corner Counter frames with captive seals and concealed fixing of the counter frame with special fold anchors.
  • Closed frames with captive seals.

Teckentrup can advise on the right solution and their suitability for applications such as fire, acoustics, etc.

The Hardware, accessories, vision panels, louvres, etc., are all selected to suit application, life cycle value requirements and other criteria, against which Teckentrup can provide certification. Advice on selection and integration with access and building systems such as fire and security is also part of our solution based approach.

Flush Design FB Frames

The modular steel doorset

We have a range of steel doorsets that cover multiple requirements making it easier to find a solution that covers all of your requirements in a single product.

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