Super-Size doors are special

The perfect solution for openings up to 8 metres wide

From the outside our Super-Size doors are indistinguishable from our “normal” sized garage doors - the same stunning profiles, the same attractive windows and finishes. They are just wider - Super-Size doors start above 5.5m (18’0”) wide and reach 8.0m (26’3”) wide in a single span.

Opening a Super-Size door is simple too - all are power operated by a remote control motor.

It is from the inside that Super-Size doors differ. The weight of a complete door at these sizes is considerable and safe operation is paramount. Consequently doors have up-rated fittings for all load bearing elements, strengthening stiffeners to the rear of each door section and the lifting mechanism is motor driven with torsion spring assistance. A monitored safety edge ensures the door stops and reverses should it encounter an obstruction. Teckentrup sectional doors meet all the safety requirements and provisions of EN 13241.

This view from the inside shows the standard configuration of front mount torsion spring lifting gear, direct drive motor and controls.

Certified Performance

What performance can I expect?

As part of the CE marking process, each product must have its performance provided for a defined set of characteristics to allow fair comparison between products from different manufacturers. Other characteristics can also be included, if relevant to a door’s performance. The following table shows the performance characteristics of CarTeck Supersize sectional garage doors.

CE/UKCA Marked

Our doors and openers are independently tested and certified to all current safety legislation and carry a CE/UKCA mark.

Carteck Supersize Garage Door Performance Characteristics

What level of Security can I expect from my supersize sectional garage door?
See the ‘Security’ section of our Honesty Page!

What thermal performance does my supersize sectional garage door have?
See the ‘Thermal Performance’ section of our Honesty Page!

What level of light, drafts & water ingress can I expect from my supersize sectional garage door?
See the ‘Light, drafts & water ingress’ section of our Honesty Page!

Can I expect the same level of performance from my supersize garage door compared to my front door?
See the ‘What can I expect from my door’ section of our Honesty Page!

Styles & Finishes

Making the garage part of your home

There are literally hundreds of possible combinations of texture and finish making it easy to adapt the door to suit your home.

A finish for every application...

The CarTeck Solid, Centre Ribbed and Standard Ribbed styles comes in a range of 4 textures, which can be combined with any colour combination:

  • Plain
  • Stucco
  • Micro-profile
  • Woodgrain
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Carteck Supersize Garage Door Panel Profiles Options
Carteck Supersize Garage Door Location
Carteck Supersize Garage Door Header
Carteck Supersize Garage Door Panel Profiles Options
Carteck Supersize Garage Door Location
Carteck Supersize Garage Door Header


Let natural light enter your garage with one of our stylish window options

Made from double glazed scratch-resistant Polymer, our doors are available with a wide range of window designs, including modern and contemporary style windows and more traditional styles such as the rectangular cross mullion. There are also 3 glazing options to choose from: Clear, frosted and satin finish.

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Carteck Solid Supersize Sectional Garage Door - 8M Door
Double Glazed Scratch-Resistant Polymer

Every detail, perfect

Explore the features & benefits of a CarTeck Supersize garage door from Teckentrup Door Solutions

Carteck Supersize Garage Door Low Noise Operation A
Low Noise Operation

Robust roller blocks made of galvanized steel and ball bearing runner rails guarantee a long service life and low noise operation.

Carteck Supersize Garage Door Safety Edge Mechanism Photocells B
Safety Edge Mechanism

Doors are factory fitted as standard with a safety edge mechanism which stops the door if it comes into contact with an obstacle and photocells for non-contact detection.

Carteck Supersize Garage Door Side Parotection C
Side Protection

A lateral guard prevents a hand from being accidentally caught between the frame and the runner rail.

Carteck Supersize Garage Door Finger Pinch Protection D
Finger pinch protection

Outside/inside - Patented finger pinch protection for outside and inside of the door.

Carteck Supersize Garage Door Direct Drive E
Direct Drive

Big doors need power and our direct drive motors are definitely up to the job! Intelligent control ensures safe operation at all times. Available for all door sizes.

Works with the CarTeck Motor accessories.

Carteck Supersize Garage Door Rail Drive F
Rail Drive

Available on doors from 5500mm-6500mm wide and 2280mm high, the CarTeck Drive PRO 1100 is suited to applications where sideroom is restricted.

Works with the CarTeck Drive accessories.

Carteck Supersize Garage Door Floor Seal G
Floor Seal

A rot-proof bottom weather strip made of elastic EPDM rubber profile sits against the floor and will compensate for minor variations in floor level to provide an improved barrier to debris and draughts.

Carteck Supersize Garage Door Weather Strips H
Weather Strips

The door also has a weather strip at the sides, top and also between the individual sections across the entire width.


The warranty periods below only apply to products that have been correctly installed as per the instructions, maintained by a Garage Door Specialist and operated and cleaned in accordance with the requirements set out in the operating and maintenance sections of instructions and labels.

2-year manufacturer’s guarantee

  • on polymer and aluminium window units
  • on rollers, hinges, cable pulleys, cables and standard springs (opening/closing max. 5 times a day)

10-year manufacturer’s guarantee

  • on panels against rust penetration from inside to outside
  • against door panel separation of steel from foam
  • on material and manufacturing flaws of all non-moving parts of the frame that are verifiably unusable or whose usability is substantially compromised
  • on floor seal, intermediate seals, side seals and lintel seal against rotting

The guarantee does not apply to doors that are subjected to extreme conditions, e.g. corrosive influences resulting from use in a coastal climate with high salt content.


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