Industrial sectional door "Type SLX"

Maximum light
The Teckentrup sectional door "Type SLX" made of aluminium frame sections and large glazing elements is extremely light permeable. This level of transparency enables the stylish presentation of products which require special showcasing, e.g. cars, mobile homes, yachts, boats, etc. Due to their elegant appearance these doors are often found in shopping centres.

  • Aluminium frame design:
    Made of aluminium frame sections E6/EV1 
    Available without mullions up to door widths of 3,250 mm. 
    Doors with widths > 3,250 mm are supplied with a centre mullion.
  • Surface:
    Optionally available in plain aluminium E6/EV1 or high-quality powder coating in RAL or NCS colours (high-level scratch and impact resistance / corrosion proof)
  • Glazing:
    Max. frame height 750 mm, 20 mm double glazing as standard.
Mercedes Warschau 10 6Fd151F9Bf