Teckentrup SL Sectional Doors

The Teckentrup range of SL sectional doors are made from aluminium frame sections, for a delicate overall impression.

Our glazing elements are extremely light permeable and provide an elegant optical appearance to any warehouse building. Teckentrup offer the SL sectional door in two thicknesses, 40 mm and 80 mm.

  • Aluminium frame construction
  • Elegant design
  • Many glazing options available, including:
    Double, Triple & Quadruple glazing

SL 40 Sectional Door

The glazed door creates a bright and friendly environment

The Teckentrup SL 40 sectional door with aluminium frame profile and glazing elements is extremely light permeable and gives every building an elegant style. The high light penetration provides a friendly working environment.

The glazing shapes and patterns can be designed individually. Optimum light incidence creates a positive and pleasant work environment. Depending on your wishes and requirements, colour panels to match the frame section can also be combined with the glazing elements. Teckentrup offers the right drive for every type of door.

Glass panels:
  • Glazing now also available as an extremely scratch-proof version!
  • Max. panel frame height 750 mm
  • 20 mm glazing as standard
  • Other panel infills are available if desired: 3 mm plain pane, Textured glass, ISO panel, Expanded metal
  • Suitable drives for all door types
  • Optionally with plain aluminium E6/EV1 or high-quality powder coating in RAL or NCS colours
  • High-level scratch and impact resistant
  • Corrosion proof
Teckentrup SL40 Sectional Door With full Glazing
Teckentrup SL SLX Section

SL 80 Sectional Door

Thermal insulation with a delicate appearance

Implementing efficient thermal insulation and, at the same time, utilising the many possibilities of lighting design – this is made possible with the SL 80 industrial sectional door. The glazing will convince you with its excellent thermal insulation values and delicate appearance.

The SL 80 door type is fully glazed which permits viewing into and out of the hall, allows daylight into the interior and keeps heat inside due to their high proportion of glass construction.

  • Aluminium frame construction
  • Made from thermally separated profiles, E6 / EV1
  • Optionally available with powder coating in RAL or NSC tones
  • Efficient thermal insulation
  • With many options for light design
Glass panels:
  • Maximum section height: 750 mm
  • Standard 43 mm triple glazing
  • Optional: Quadruple glazing, scratch-resistant surface, etc.
  • Anodised E6/EV1 surface, filled as standard with 43 mm synthetic triple glazing, colourless
  • Anodised aluminium holding strip in E6/EV1 with seal
Teckentrup SL 80 Fully Glazed Sectional Door
Teckentrup SL 80 finished to match architectural elements
SL 80 Cross Section

Sw 80 Double Side Seal 2
Double side seal

The high insulating effect is achieved by the double side seals between the frame and door leaf.

Sw 80 Floor Seal
Floor seal

The rot-proof bottom seal made from non-freeze EPDM rubber profile smooths out floor unevenness and protects from cold and damp.

Sw 80 Top Seal
Top seal

It securely closes, seals and insulates the door in the lintel across its full width.

Our products attain a great thermal effect by combining many constructive features: The double-walled, 80 mm thick steel panels are coated with highly-insulating polyurethane (PU) foam and thermally separated from one another.

In addition, the door leaf is equipped with a rot-free double seal. In this way, it achieves an extremely low UDvalue of 0.58 W/(m2K)*. A quality that effectively minimises cold or heat losses and tangibly reduces energy costs.

* Refers to a closed SW 80 door with an area of 5 x 5 m.


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