Some might say our made to measure and trend promotion (you may know it as the 2 for 1 promo) has been running longer than a DFS sale... Well, time is up! The good news is that we’re converting the promotion into a permanent range – AutoTrend.

It’s simple – order an automated door - Auto - and you get a Trend coloured door at the price for white – Trend – AutoTrend – see what we did there with the name! Made to measure is also included, so no cut-down charges for non-standard size doors.

To make life easy we’ve produced a dedicated brochure that covers the colours and all the options available with AutoTrend doors. The brochure also shows the lead times for each door design and colour. Even better, there’s a dedicated price list with all the prices calculated including our brilliant CarTeck DRIVE 500 with two Pearl Twin transmitters.

Here’s the answers to a few questions that might be forming in your mind:

  • What if I want a different motor from the range?
    No problem, the price list includes a supplement that can be added (or subtracted) to get to your door and motor price.
  • Can I have windows?
    Yes, the full CarTeck and Bling ranges of windows are available.
  • Are all Trend colours included?
    All standard Trend colours are included but Trend+ colours are not available with AutoTrend.
  • Is it the same door as the standard CarTeck range?
    Yes, same great quality, it just has a motor bundled into the price.
  • Can I get a colour matched frame?
    It’s available as an option, just add the supplement.
  • Why would I choose AutoTrend?
    It’s perfect when you need an automated door at a keen price.
  • Is AutoTrend pricing available to consumers?
    AutoTrend pricing is only available to the garage door trade and is not promoted to consumers.
  • What about lead times?
    Doors made from stock panels and colours is 3-4 weeks, with 6 weeks for non-stock panels and Trend colours.

So, there you have it, AutoTrend is a clever conversion of our long running promo into a permanent range – easy to choose, easy to price.

Download the AutoTrend brochure and price list here:


Download the full colour AutoTrend brochure here. Want a hard copy? Just talk to the best office in the industry 01925 924050.

Download Brochure

Price List

Download the new 2024 price list.

Want a hard copy? Just talk to the best office in the industry 01925 924050.

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Looking for...

More colours?

The options are endless!

Choose from a range of Trend colours, wood effect finishes or any RAL colour.

Available with CarTeck Automatic!

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Side Doors?

The perfect match!

Add easy and elegant access on foot with a matching side door!

Available with CarTeck Side Hinged! Download Brochure