Industrial doors from Teckentrup

Industrial doors or hall doors are used in large storage facilities, industrial facilities or in factories - anywhere where you need to close up large openings. Industrial sectional doors or roller shutters are often used for the outside areas of halls. They save space by sliding upwards under the roof or roll up behind the lintel. Sliding doors or folding doors are also often used. They are particularly suited when a door with very large dimensions is needed.

The interior needs efficient protection from fire. For example, this is the case when different parts of the hall area are sealed off from one another. Fire protection doors help to prevent severe damage occurring.

It is important for industrial doors to have a long service life, as they are often part of the production or logistics processes; interrupting either of these processes can be very expensive. Teckentrup industrial doors are convincing due to their extreme robustness and the reliability of their functions.



Industrial sectional doors from Teckentrup

Industrial sectional doors
From very high heat insulation up to maximal transparency, the industrial sectional doors are available in a huge range of designs and can be used in many situations due to the various fittings that are available.

Roller shutters and roller grilles from Teckentrup

Roller shutters and roller grilles 
A simple, robust and flexible construction with a door curtain that rolls up tightly. Suitable for all uses. Roller shutters are used in places such as loading areas or are used as roller grilles to secure stores or car parks.

Folding doors from Teckentrup

Folding doors
Up to a maximum width of 16 m, Teckentrup folding doors are used in large maintenance areas, depots, appliance rooms or vehicle depots. Specially designed doors for the fire service, have electrical drives and a quick unlocking system which is particularly useful for situations where the doors need to open quickly.

Fire doors from Teckentrup

Fire doors
The range of fire doors includes sliding doors and sectional doors that have been tested for their fire resistant or fire-proof qualities in accordance with EN 1634-1 (DIN 4102).

Multi-purpose sliding doors from Teckentrup

Multi-purpose sliding doors
Steel sliding doors are primarily used to close larger openings in underground car parks, warehouses, airports and public buildings. Sliding doors are available in double-skinned form; the door leaf is moved to the side of the opening when the door is opened.