Fire-Proof steel Sliding Door
T90-2 "Teckentrup 72 E"

Feuerschutz-Schiebetor T90-2 -Teckentrup 72 E- (feuerbeständig geprüft nach EN 1634-1)
Feuerschutz-Schiebetor T90-2 -Teckentrup 72 E- (feuerbeständig geprüft nach DIN 1634-1)

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 Easy assembly
 Optional wicket doors 
 Optional glazing


Building authority approval      
Fire-proof steel sliding door T90-2 -Teckentrup 72-E- 

Z-6.20-2103 tested in accordance with EN 1634-1 (DIN 4102-5)

Approved dimensions     
Width: 1500 - 8500 mm, Height: 2000 - 6000 mm
door leaf up to 1500 mm (in the door clearance) not higher than 3000 mm
smoke-proof version not available

Door leaf   
● Consisting of individual elements (number of elements according to opening width) 
● Double-skinned, 72 mm thick 
● Sheet thickness: 1.0 mm

Door seal   
● Galvanized seal profiles, 2.0 mm thick, on 3 sides, 
● Guide shoe and guide rollers (lower door guide mechanism)
● Counterweight boxes with counterweights (at the closing side)

● Galvanized door leaf and door seal
● Prime coated grey-white on request, similar to RAL 9002 

Wicket door  
● Between two door leaf elements (with threshold)
● Opening possible in both directions
● Special black handle set
● Top door closer DIN EN 1154

For door leaf and wicket door: Fire-resistant glass - Promaglas 90 -,
35 mm thick with steel glass-holding strips