Teckentrup folding doors

 Space-saving outside installation
 Reduced maintenance

All Teckentrup folding doors are part of a compact product range based on standard product features. Whether single or double-skinned: All our doors have standard connection systems and fittings and thus display the same optical design. Teckentrup folding doors are used in a whole host of applications, e.g. large maintenance or equipment halls, vehicle depots and other manufacturing environments, and are adapted to the individual building requirements. If you require a high-speed door, an integrated electric drive is the perfect solution. And fire station doors also feature a -quick unlocking- function. Teckentrup steel folding doors are the perfect solution for wide door openings. Thanks to the advanced design engineering, we can offer folding door systems up to 16 metres wide and 5 metres high. The robust, flexible and space-saving door design has very few wear parts and is extremely durable and almost maintenance free, making it a very economical solution. According to operational demands, the doors can be used as single or double-skinned doors. Electric drives ensure quick opening and closing and added convenience. Wicket doors and side doors provide a safe traffic route for pedestrians. A variety of glazing elements, surfaces and colours stamp an individual mark on a building while keeping in line with the corporate design of a company.