High-speed roller door ThermoTeck

Schnelllauf-Rolltor ThermoTeck

High-power drive for continuous use.
Frequency converter control with ‘soft’ start/stop functions. Protects the
    material and guarantees long service life of the door.
Greater protection against personal injury or material damage thanks to
    standard, integrated light barriers and safety edge.
  Average opening speed of up to 550 mm/sec.
With max. dimensions of 6000 x 8000 mm.


Uninterrupted operation

The ThermoTeck high-speed roller door from Teckentrup is intended for continuous operation in industrial applications. The high quality materials used and the standard safety features guarantee uninterrupted traffic flow. Thanks to  high-speed opening and closing, as well as insulated ThermoTeck sections, heat loss from the hall is reduced, thus saving energy.