Car park Luxemburg airport

Maximum fire protection /
Perfect protection for people and property

In spring 2008, the new Terminal A at Luxemburg International Airport opened after four years of construction. The new terminal is designed to take the more than three million passengers who pass through Luxemburg Airport each year. To meet the logistical demands created by this large number of passengers, two new underground car parks were built.

The new underground car park provides space for 4000 vehicles on four 30,000 m² levels. The visual concept of the car park is exceptional. The bright and friendly walls on all four levels ensure there are no dark corners. The deliberate use of colour makes the building appear friendly and prevents car park users from getting lost. The footprint of the four car park levels is identical, but each one is painted in a different colour. All the fire doors had to fit in with the car park’s general colour concept: The colours of the four car parks levels are yellow, green, red and blue.

A four-storey underground car park needs to meet enormous fire requirements. Preventive fire and smoke protection and fully functional escape routes and emergency exits were top of the list when planning the doors and barriers. Fire protection measures must prevent the growth and spread of fire as well as contain smoke in a localized area. In close cooperation with planners and developers, an individual solution was created to satisfy all the safety and convenience requirements.


T90 fire and smoke protection doors were used for highly frequented areas with a higher risk of fire and the gallery and escape routes between the individual fire compartments were fitted with single and double-leaf T30 doors with round glazing. Access points to the individual levels were equipped with T30 sliding doors and T30 sectional doors. All the doors were primed prior to delivery and then finished on-site. Teckentrup has been a competent partner for building fire protection for many years. The company’s wide range of doors covers all types of fire and smoke barriers. Flexible manufacturing systems ensure rapid response times, even to short deadlines. This meant that the 300 fire-proof doors and 52 sliding and sectional fire-resistant doors were delivered in record time. The expert advice and ultimate reliability provided by Teckentrup exceeded all expectations. The weekly on-site meetings with contractors were a matter of course for everyone involved in the project.