Garage doors from Teckentrup

Teckentrup Garagentore sind schön, sicher und wärmegedämmt
Garagentor von Teckentrup mit zusätzlicher Lichtschranke
Sectionaltore von Teckentrup bieten platzsparende Technik
Teckentrup Sectionaltore sind doppelwandig und durchgehend 40 mm dick

Sectional doors and up-and-over garage doors

Nowadays, a garage door is more than just a way to shut the garage. Sectional doors or up-and-over doors fit easily in the architecture of the existing house and have become a definitive and mainly a functional feature of the house. Whether it's a question of personal taste or whether you just want to distinguish yourself from your neighbours, the garage door has become an important design element that always gets a unique touch thanks to the wide variety of colour tones, surface variants and glazing options. Alongside the appearance, security, operating comfort and heat insulation play important roles in the modern garage doors from Teckentrup.

Advantages of the CarTeck sectional doors from Teckentrup

Besides the traditional up-and-over doors, there are now sectional doors, for example from CarTeck, which not only have a maximum level of security, but are also first-class processed and particularly space-saving. The door blade consists of several sections that are joined together and it moves upwards in lateral rails. Sectional doors can be opened vertically upwards, which is why they take – in contrast to classical up-and-over doors – less space in and around the garage. With a sectional door you can park your car directly in front of the garage but still open the garage door without damaging your car. Thus you significantly win more parking space in front of your garage. But also within the garage you get more space by using a CarTeck sectional door because the bulky lever mechanism, as would be the case with an up-and-over door, is superfluous.
Nevertheless, the security aspect of CarTeck sectional doors still plays the most important role and not only for families with small children. From the patented finger pinch protection via a lateral security guard to an integrated light barrier that stops a gate closure immediately, CarTeck sectional doors from Teckentrup dispose of a maximum limit of security, which you can trust.

The risk of accidents and damage increases especially when a door is more than 20 years old. Old springs can wear out or tear, which means the garage door can then drop down unhindered. These urgently need to be replaced; this procedure can be done in just one day. Therefore change now to better and more modern sectional doors from Teckentrup!

In addition you can also benefit from an electric drive, for example with optional electronic photo cells, a whisper-quiet door travel, comfortable remote control and corrosion and surface protection. Besides, the sophisticated pull-spring technology and the double-retaining cables that are hidden from sight on both sides prevent the sectional doors from dropping down unhindered. The aim of energy saving and heat insulation are also becoming more and more important - in the area of garage doors as well. This being so, the Teckentrup sectional doors are always 40 millimetres thick and are double-skinned. This protects the garage from the cold, which is also practical as the space in the garage is often used as a workshop or as a hobby room.

Give burglary no chance – with CarTeck sectional doors

In case you have a passage from the garage into the house or if you store certain valuables in your garage, you would certainly be interested in perfect protection against burglary. Old doors and garage doors often offer inadequate protection against break-ins. Thieves can then penetrate into the living area unhindered and unnoticed by going through the garage. Therefore, you should plan ahead with a sectional door from Teckentrup made ​​of steel. These are all tested by TÜV and offer optimal protection against burglary.

At Teckentrup you will find various types of garage doors that are designed for different needs. Whether you need fully automatic garage doors or prefer sectional doors made ​​of solid wood - at the large range selection of Teckentrup garage doors you are guaranteed to find it.

Discover now the functional garage doors of the brand CarTeck:

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The door types

CarTeck garage door, type GSW 40-L
The garage sectional door for the maximum amount of personalisation options.

CarTeck garage door, type GSH
The garage sectional door made from solid wood..

CarTeck up-and-over garage door
The perfect door system for all garages.

CarTeck garage door drives
Operating comfort without having to get out of the car.