CarTeck up-and-over doors

  Steel or solid timber door leaf panels
  In ribbed or panelled design
  Wide variety of designs and colours
  Safe operation
  Convenient drive system
  Matching side doors and wicket doors

The convenient door system - suitable for all garages

The CarTeck up-and-over door program from Teckentrup has been designed for all garage types and is characterized by its safe technology and design diversity. Whether for an individual garage, double garage or a row of garages the extensive selection offers a wide spectrum of creativity and facilitates individual designs to match the architecture of your house.  


The classic vertical or horizontal ribbed panels provides your garage with an elegant, harmonious appearance. No matter whether you choose a vertical or horizontal structure, the ribs on the door leaf are evenly arranged.

Panelled (Georgian/Cassette) 
The uniform panelled design and the high-quality -woodgrain- surface provide the door with an exclusive appearance and underline our demand for high standards. The number of panels is determined by the size of the door.

Panel filling
Provides the architecture with a modern character. The wide, smooth surfaces appear exclusive, setting the door apart from the rest. The panels are arranged evenly according to the width of the door.

Solid timber
Wood conveys warmth and emphasizes the natural design character. For our natural doors we use first choice and fine grain Norway spruce.