Teckentrup sound insulated doors

Soundproofing in buildings is extremely important for the health and well-being of humans. Noise at the workplace not only negatively influences the -working atmosphere- but also considerably reduces the ability to concentrate and receive information. Teckentrup sound insulated doors made of steel provide optimum protection against high level noises. The sound insulated doors provide a pleasant working atmosphere, reduce noise pollution, increase efficiency and ensure maximum health benefits. Due to the special design of the door leaf, very compact insulation material and special seals, the doors achieve optimum insulation.
It is also possible to combine the multi-purpose door with fire, smoke and burglar protection as well as heat insulation. Since ideal conditions do not exist in real life, 5 dB must be subtracted from the tested insulation value. The doors are individually adapted to the special features of the sound source and there is a wide range of capacities from 33 dB to 57 dB available for each structural situation. Thin or thick rebated doors, stylish door handles and stainless steel versions enable optically attractive design solutions.