Sound insulated door dw67-2/HS „Teckentrup“

 Sound insulated up to Rw 55 dB!
 Also suitable for escape routes and emergency exits

The sound insulated Teckentrup door “dw67” provides optimum protection against high noise levels. It provides a pleasant working atmosphere, reduces noise pollution, increases efficiency and ensures maximum health benefits. Due to the special construction of the door leaf, special insulation material and double seals, the door achieves outstanding insulation values of 50 dB and 52 dB.

Installation in:
masonry, concrete, autoclaved aerated concrete,
lightweight construction stud walls, wooden frame stud walls,
sound insulation of the wall = sound insulation of the door +
10 dB

Width: 1500 – 3000 mm
1750 – 3000 mm

Door leaf:
67 mm thick, double skinned
rebated on 3 sides with thick rebate and 3-sided rebate seal
1 security bolt

● 3-sided corner frame, 2.0 mm with 3-sided seal.
Version with buffer strip not approved for escape routes and emergency exits.
3 wall anchor plugs on each side.

Door leaf/Frame galvanized and prime coated, similar to RAL 9002 (grey white).