T60 door with highly fire resistant qualities

Do you need to reliably protect a building or even a whole complex against fire? Do your state's building regulations permit the use of T60 doors? Do you value an aesthetically pleasing design? Then we at Teckentrup have got exact what you need! We can offer you a T60 door that not only blocks heat, fire and (if needed) smoke in accordance with its classification, but rather also integrates seamlessly into the building's design. The door can even give the building a modern touch if this is desired. Make use of our decades of experience and tell us what you want - together we'll find the custom-built solution for your building.
You should be aware that fires cannot be completely prevented from occurring. When planning a fire protection door, you act in a responsible manner and take action to ensure protection for the building and for those who use it. Our T60 door guarantees reliable fire protection. This is proven by the fact that it is already being used in all areas of industry, in public buildings, business premises, large garages and in apartment construction.


How much safety does the T60 door offer?

Doors of the highly fire-resistant T60 class offer reliable protection if a fire breaks out: The self-activating closing mechanism is activated, the flames are prevented from spreading and the area behind the door is shielded from the high temperatures. The smokeproof design keeps dangerous gases in the smoke from coming through the door.
You can rely on our T60 doors, as they are all tested in accordance with EN 1634-1 and are approved in accordance with DIN 4102. Strict testing criteria are used to evaluate the sealing effect of the fire-protection door; the door ensures that the temperature on the side facing away from the fire remains as low as possible. A T60 door can withstand the given criteria for at least 60 minutes. This means that your fire protection will hold out twice as long as a T30 door can; these doors are classified as being "fire resistant". As part of the QM system DIN ISO 9001, we constantly evaluate our doors, meaning that we can guarantee the highest standard of manufacturing quality and a long life span.


Fire protection with a first-class design

At Teckentrup, you're getting more than just a reliable T60 door; rather you are buying a high-quality design element at the same time. This can provide interesting highlights in your building and can integrate subtly and seamlessly into the architecture.  For example choose a simple and elegant robust steel door with rectangular glazing such as our T60-1-FSA "Teckentrup 62"; this door is available in either  1-leaf or 2-leaf varieties. Special fire protection glass lets more light in and provides an open appearance between the rooms. At the same time, you do not have to do without the safety that a traditional hermetically sealed fire protection door provides.  What's more, the T60-FSA "Teckentrup 62" models are equipped for installation in exposed masonry as standard.
Have a look at our range today and ask your Teckentrup professional which T60 door best meets your requirements. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!