10 great reasons to choose CarTeck insulated sectional garage doors!

Product Designed For YOU!

CarTeck has been optimised to bring a product and service package that makes selling and installing our sectional garage doors easy.

Here's 10 great reasons to choose a CarTeck sectional garage door for your next install:

1. Insulated...

CarTeck sectional garage doors have an insulation ‘U value’ of 1.38 W/m²K for a complete door (8’0” wide x 7’0” high) including the panel joints and weather strips - you won’t find better performance on any comparable garage door.

2. Choice...

Whatever your customers requirements, Teckentrup has a solution. We offer a great range of door designs, colours, surface textures and window options. We can even supply matching side doors!

3. Smart Technology Automation...

Every Teckentrup CarTeck sectional garage door is operated by the industry's leading smart technology opener, the CarTeck DRIVE. You can extend functionality with our optional accessory packs - clever technology that takes the guess work out of parking, keeps garages dry, lights the way and keeps garage doors moving even if power fails. These accessory packs also offer a great opportunity to add value to your sales - Teckentrup, always helping you sell!

4. Safety First...

Safe operation of CarTeck Automatic is the overriding priority of every design decision we make. The design of our concealed springs alongside patented finger pinch protection at panel joints keeps customers safe and free from injury.

5. Strong & Secure...

Our CarTeck insulated garage doors are tough as steel and meet the heavy-duty demands for everyday use. Designed for burglary resistance, the doors’ physical strength characteristics are an impressive barrier to potential intruders. The CarTeck DRIVE opener adds a further layer of security holding the door securely in place.

6. Fast Lead Times...

No ridiculously long lead times - just 3-4 weeks for doors made from stock!

7. Made In Warrington...

Manufacturing in Warrington gives us greater control over door quality and lead times, helping you get doors when you need them. Increased investment in stock holding of materials at Warrington has also given us more resilience to supply chain issues.

8. Yes We Can...

We have a 'can do' attitude at Teckentrup. Difficult door? Unusual request? You can count on Teckentrup to say yes. We know every door matters to your customers, to you, and that good service from Teckentrup helps protect your livelihood and reputation. We will always do our best to help you find a solution.

9. Installation Support...

From assisted fits to installation videos, Teckentrup are there when you need help. Whether it's your first time installing or you've been installing garage doors for years, you may occasionally need sound and reliable advice to resolve an issue on fitting day. At Teckentrup, we support you, helping to resolve issues quickly and get you moving again.

10. Industry Leading Service...

Wrapped around our product is the team in the CarTeck office. We like to play with a straight bat - we keep the information flowing - good or bad, news is easier to deal with when you get it as early as possible. The office is made up of professional, proficient and helpful staff that manage stock, order materials, plan production, schedule deliveries, manage your orders and warranty. Everything you need to know is controlled from one point, Warrington.

Need any more reason to choose a sectional garage door from Teckentrup? 

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Make your next install a CarTeck sectional!

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