3-Part Threshold Now Standard On All CarTeck Side Hinged Garage Doors

Every CarTeck side hinged garage door now comes with a 3-part raised threshold as standard.

Better weather sealing  The threshold includes a bulb seal to help improve weather sealing at the bottom of the door.

Why 3-part? 3-part means it does a neater job at the frame leg by extending to the edge of the frame leg. If you want it to extend further, to line up with another element of the opening, just let us know and we’ll provide an extended length for you to cut to size on site.

Does it require more work? On a level threshold surface in good condition, the three parts just interlock and are held by fixing through the centre section. On a less ideal threshold surface, you may need to fix through the front or rear section for a flush finish with the threshold surface.

A small change with a great benefit – improved weather protection and a neater finish.

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