Help for Ukraine

Ukraine is experiencing terrible times. At Teckentrup UK, we are contributing £5,000 to the fund that is being coordinated by Teckentrup GmbH.

GmbH is donating €50,000 and with Teckentrup UK and the other 5 subsidiaries, the total donation will be €80,000. The money will go to the work of 'Doctors of the World' who are providing medical care in Ukraine and along the border.

GmbH has also set up a donations page - If you'd like to use this route to donate and support the people of Ukraine, here's the link.

To read the full release from GmbH, scroll down.

Thank you for your continued support.

Steve Hilton, Managing Director
Jim Rodger, Director
& The Teckentrup Team

Dear colleagues,

Like so many people around the world, we at Teckentrup are shocked by the Russian military action against Ukraine. The Russian invasion of Ukraine is an attack on democratic values in Europe and the rights of self-determination. At this time, our thoughts are above all with those affected by the war, the people and families in Ukraine and also in Russia. We would like to express our solidarity and sympathy to them at this point. But we would also like to give them our concrete help. We agreed on this immediately and have used the last few days to coordinate our contribution of support.

With a donation of 50,000 euros, Teckentrup will support the work of "Doctors of the World", who are committed to providing medical care in Ukraine and along the borders. Our subsidiaries have also offered their help and are adding 5,000 euros each to the donation, making a total of 80,000 euros available.

You too can contribute to reaching our donation target. For this purpose, we have set up our own donation page at "Doctors of the World", where we collect all donations:

Click here to go the donation page

In addition to the urgently needed financial donations, we also intensively discussed the possibilities of our own aid transports to the Ukrainian border and the collection of donations in kind. These are also still needed for the immediate supply in the crisis areas and for the refugees. However, the situation is becoming increasingly unclear and we are currently advising against our own transports to the border for security reasons. However, we are in contact with local aid organisations and are checking to what extent we can participate in aid transports at the Verl and Großzöberitz or help organise transports. We will keep you informed here as soon as a concrete opportunity presents itself.

Yours Kai Teckentrup 
Yours Sven Diembeck
Yours Christian Hanke
Yours Jens Heckenmüller

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