Here's the latest addition to the Teckentrup fleet... loaded and ready to go...

We're beginning to see signs of stability in the supply of materials on the near horizon. That means we can start to drive lead times down and, in the current market conditions, lead times are a significant factor in driving sales (as well as great product from people who really care)... 

We're making sure we have the logistics in place to keep product flowing and the extra truck allows us more flexibility to keep you, our Customers, happy.

It's a simple story but one we're proud to share - Teckentrup investing in customer service.

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Help for Ukraine

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Ukraine is experiencing terrible times. At Teckentrup UK, we are contributing £5,000 to the fund that is being coordinated by Teckentrup GmbH. Read the full release here.

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If you’ve had complaints about rapid fading of door colours from other manufacturers, we thought we’d share the UV stability data on our Trend colours.

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