New Shoot Bolts for CarTeck Side Hinged!

Doors are now shipping with a new shoot bolt design – it’s a great improvement and here’s why:

• Surface mounted means it’s easy to replace if it becomes damaged.

• Adjustable keeps top and bottom – easy adjustment for a snug fit against the seals and easy to adjust over time as seals compress – no rattling leaves!

The new shoot bolts are just one of the many improvements we’ve made over the past months...

1. New traditional door design range
Improved three-part threshold as standard
Improved stays with special anti-stain grease
3D adjustable hinges for quick and easy leaf adjustment
Adjustable strike plate keeps for rattle-free latching
Adjustable flush bolt keeps for snug location against seals
Wind out jack bolts to easily, quickly and perfectly set the frame before fixing
New Bluetooth smart lock

We’ve two objectives – the first is to improve the products' performance and ease of installation. The second is to introduce improved designs that reduce production time allowing us to steadily improve the lead time of the product.

We’ve invested heavily in automated machinery and a paint plant to improve output and we have an additional CNC machine coming online now, bringing recent investment to circa £500K.

To read more about side hinged garage doors...

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