New Side Hinged Packaging – Dramatically Reduced Plastic Content & Increased Protection!

At Teckentrup, we know that having your door arrive in pristine condition is a priority and our new CarTeck side hinged garage door packaging does just that. We’ve also considered the impact our packing has on the environment. That’s why our new packing uses a dramatically reduced amount of plastic with an all-cardboard packing system and paper tape to secure it.

Alongside this, our side hinged doors will be transported the right way up (a change from how we used to do it!) making handling and moving the door much easier.

We’ve also added a damage identification sticker to our packing that reminds you to report any damage immediately and steps you need to take to do so.

Don’t forget, 6-weeks, any style, any colour!

We know that lead times affect your ability to close a sale. With our additional automated CNC machinery, our 6-week lead time is sustainable.

And 3 weeks is coming!

Watch this space – we’ll soon be moving to a similar lead time system that we have in place for our sectional doors! This means we’ll be offering a faster lead time for doors built from stock panels. Call for full details if you need a door in a hurry!

Call the team on 01925 924050 to order your CarTeck side hinged garage door today!

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