Proudly made in Warrington!

What does that mean?

1. We are not distributors of product made somewhere in or outside of Europe...

We manufacture all of our doors (well, all but a small proportion - our Supersize doors are made in Germany) at our Warrington facility. The components (track sections, rollers, panels, etc…) are made in Germany, but we manufacture the doors here in the UK. We cut the panels, cut-out for and fit windows, assemble the track and frame leg packs, the whole shebang!…. That means we have control over every detail from production, right through to delivery - premium product, quality assured.

2. We are a family business, committed to the industry, not just making a fast buck...

Teckentrup in Germany and Warrington are both family-owned businesses, just like most of our customers. Family owned really makes a difference - it means we don’t concentrate on short term financial reporting to owners or venture capitalists, we focus on running Teckentrup to meet the needs of our customers. We’re not in it for a fast buck, but to continue to build a family business that contributes to the overall success of the garage door industry.

3. We control lead times...

No ridiculously long lead times - just 3-4 weeks for doors made from stock and added flexibility for our customers, manufacturing doors in Warrington gives us greater control over lead times helping you get doors when you need them.

4. We have stock...

Increased investment in stock holding of materials at Warrington has given us more resilience to supply chain issues and helps us maintain our promise to customers for fast lead times on built-from-stock doors. See the lead times for sectional doors here and side hinged doors here!

5. We provide unbeatable service...

In the beginning, the trade often used Teckentrup for those “difficult doors”, the ones the others wouldn’t or couldn’t do. That can-do attitude pervades everything we do, standard or special, so today you know you can count on Teckentrup. We know every door matters to your customers, to you, and that good service from Teckentrup helps protect your livelihood and reputation. In-house manufacturing underpins the success of our unbeatable service and can-do approach.

6. We have the best team in the industry...

Many companies say it’s all about people but just don’t live up to the promise. Teckentrup does. Wrapped around our product is the team in the CarTeck office. We like to play with a straight bat - we keep the information flowing - good or bad, news is easier to deal with when you get it as early as possible. The office is made up of professional, proficient and helpful staff that manage stock, order materials, plan production, schedule deliveries, manage your orders and warranty. Everything you need to know is controlled from one point, Warrington.

7. We have control over quality...

The design and manufacture of our premium garage doors is carefully considered and of the highest quality. We make great doors that can confidently go toe-to-toe with any other product and frequently outpoint the competition with our door’s features. For example, we have recently invested in CNC machinery, so the mitred corner joints on our CarTeck side hinged doors are precise and perfectly aligned. It’s all in the detail!

8. We have our own paint plant...

A major investment, the paint plant at our Warrington facility adds capacity, flexibility, faster throughput and in-house control of quality for your special colour needs. Get doors colour matched to any RAL colour or any of our Trend+ colours made right here in Warrington.

Call Liam or Mark to talk about how 'made in Warrington' can help your business.

Mark King
Sales Manager (North)
M: 07985 975 802

Liam Bailey
Sales Manager (South)
M: 07486 324 991

Ian Hetherington
UK Sales Director
M: 07398 504 275

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