Stainless steel elements: The perfect combination of function and aesthetics

Doors and gates made from stainless steel unite robustness and aesthetics. They are components with an attractive and high quality appearance and they give the building a really special touch. This is particularly important for a representative sales room or in special rooms that require particularly resilient elements such as might be used in the chemical industry, for clean room doors or in food processing facilities. Functions such as fire and break-in protection are optional at Teckentrup. They can provide a building with a uniform stainless steel look that still allows each door to carry out its specific function properly.

Choosing a product can be difficult when high architectural demands meet strict regulatory requirements. For example, if fireproof closures are to be installed in representative rooms, standard steel doors often do not fit in well with the overall design. This is where stainless steel really comes into its own: With its high quality elegant and solid look, it blends into both modern and classic interior architecture and blocks the view into neighbouring rooms. There are various ways to fulfil fire protection requirements and doors and gates can be optionally fitted with smoke protection.

Teckentrup has tuned the fine details of its stainless steel range to create a high quality look: Frames, hinges, attractive door handle fittings and upper door closers are also made from stainless steel, as are the frames of the glass inlets that are available upon request. This makes the doors look as if they had been cast from a single mould. The flush-closing doors look particularly elegant. Alternatively, these are also available in thick rebate and thin rebate designs. Different surfaces – polished or circular polished (marbled) round off the design spectrum. There are matching exterior doors which provide uniform door architecture. As the other functions are what really count for this type of door, designs with break-in protection are available (up to RC3). Stainless steel sliding doors are available for very large openings – these are also available with fire and smoke protection functions.

Eleganz, Feuer- und Sichtschutz: Die attraktive Edelstahltür passt ideal in das gestalterische Konzept des Modegeschäfts.
The details must be right as well: Hinges, door handles and glazing frames made from stainless steel.
Where high standards of hygiene are required, stainless steel does the job – fire protection sliding door with wicket door in the food industry.

Protects against germs, acids, moisture and knocks

Stainless steel doesn’t just look good, it is nearly indestructible: Whether it comes into contact with moisture, heat, coldness, chemicals, chemical cleaners, aggressive fumes or mechanical stresses – the material remains undamaged. This means that it can be used for buildings that need to conform to high standards e.g. in

  • clean rooms with high hygienic standards such as those in the food industry, in the medicine/pharmaceutical sector and in microelectronic production
  • the chemical industry – even in rooms in which aggressive substances are used
  • wet rooms – indoor swimming pools, saunas etc. elements which are subjected to mechanical stresses like in schools, subway stations, stadiums and public toilets.

Teckentrup offers V2A stainless steel and V4A for even greater resilience. This means that the profile of the door or the gate can be adapted to suit its purpose even better. Sound insulation, heat insulation and break-in protection are optional functions.

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