The Installers Mate - Making a one-man CarTeck sectional garage door install possible, even on big doors!

At Teckentrup, we always keep our installers in mind. That's why we have a number of clever solutions that make your job quick and easy when fitting one of our garage doors.

Introducing... The CarTeck DRIVE "Lifter" - the installers mate!

When it comes to tensioning a sectional garage door you have two choices...

Manually lift the door up, which on large doors is a two person job...

...OR use the CarTeck DRIVE "Lifter"!

The CarTeck DRIVE "Lifter" is a simple solution for commissioning a sectional garage door without needing a second pair of hands. That's why we call it "The Installers Mate"! The lifter works for all door sizes - it has enough grunt to lift even a double door without springs!

How is it done?

Install the door ready for tensioning, fit your CarTeck DRIVE using the Lifter head as a temporary motor and power-raise the unsprung door ready for tensioning. Safe and simple.

Watch the video!

Watch this video from Dan to see exactly how the CarTeck DRIVE "Lifter" works...

Click here!

Order a CarTeck DRIVE "Lifter" today!

Lifters are £195+VAT Nett and are in stock and ready to ship direct from Teckentrup.

Call the team to order yours on 01925 924050!

Download the installers mate bulletin here!

Have a question about the CarTeck DRIVE "Lifter"?
Call the team on 01925 924050

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