The New All-In-One CarTeck Garage Door Brochure!

The new all-in-one brochure for CarTeck garage doors is a one stop shop for the entire range of Teckentrup garage doors.

Use the new and improved brochure to sell sectional garage doors, side hinged & personnel garage doors, plus garage door openers and accessories… …All in one handy brochure.

With this update we’ve also made some content improvements to help you sell not only the full range of doors but add value to every sale with lots of clever automation add-ons and, of course, our Bling windows and Bling decals.

New easy to follow CarTeck Drive pack pages!

Add value to your sales by using the new and improved CarTeck Drive packs pages to upsell to garage door and automation packages.

Icons help guide you around the new pages and a new layout makes packs clearly defined and easy to navigate.

See for yourself…

Get in touch with the team to order printed copies or download a digital copy of the new brochure...

Download the brochure here!

Winter is coming…

It’s that time of year when customers start to prepare their homes for a cold and dark winter. Add to that the energy cost increases and it’s time to start promoting insulation, automation and lighting!

We’ve plenty for you to talk about but one great example is our clever ambiance packs…

No more crashing about in the dark, ‘Ambience’ packs light your way. A brilliant opportunity to add value to your sales this autumn!

Ambience Pack 1

Need more light? Extra lighting strips for the control units can be combined with the motion sensor to switch on automatically as you enter.

Available for the Teckentrup DRIVE /DRIVE PRO 600 garage door motors. (Not compatible with the DRIVE / DRIVE PRO 500).

NEW! Ambience Pack 4

Add light bars to the outside of your garage to make a real design statement whilst increasing accessibility and safety at night. The light bar has a stand-alone power supply and motion detector. The light is 1500 lumen per metre and has neutral white 4000K light.

Available for the Teckentrup DRIVE / DRIVE PRO 500 & DRIVE /DRIVE PRO 600 garage door motors.

Ambience Pack 3

These clever LED strips are easily positioned on the underside of the door tracks with magnetic tape. They flood the garage with 6000 lumens of light (equivalent to around 400 watts of incandescent light!) Four linked LED strips are activated by the kits’ motion sensor or infra red remote control.

Available for the Teckentrup DRIVE / DRIVE PRO 500 & DRIVE /DRIVE PRO 600 garage door motors.

Ambience Pack 2

A relay allows control of other garage or garden security lighting for greater flexibility. Not only acting as deterrent in and around your garage, the relay also allows lighting activation when you open your garage door.

Available for the Teckentrup DRIVE / DRIVE PRO 500 & DRIVE /DRIVE PRO 600 garage door motors.

Watch the videos!

What’s the difference between the DRIVE / DRIVE PRO 500 & DRIVE /DRIVE PRO 600 garage door motors?

CarTeck Automatic makes so much sense. The fixed chain drive of the CarTeck Drive range is quieter and renowned for long-term reliability compared to revolving chain or belt designs.

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Teckentrup The New All In One Car Teck Garage Door Brochure Motors

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