The New CarTeck DRIVE Accessory Pack Booklet!

Add value to your sales by using the new CarTeck Drive accessory pack booklet to upsell garage door automation packages to your customers.

Easy to follow, the new booklet provides an overview of everything our accessory packs have to offer followed by a break down of each pack. Icons help guide you and the layout makes packs clearly defined and easy to navigate.

We've also included scannable QR codes to watch videos of the accessory packs in action - a great selling aid to help customers see the benefits of adding one of the packs to their CarTeck DRIVE!

Over the next few weeks, we'll be sharing more information on each accessory packs, so you can understand all the features and benefits they offer.

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See for yourself…

Get in touch with the team to order printed copies or download a digital copy of the new booklet...

Download the booklet here!

Teckentrup, helping you sell!

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