The Teckentrup 62 Steel Doorset Achieves SR3 Certification

On the surface, the announcement may be considered unremarkable – a door passed a test. Look a little deeper, though, and it’s a rather remarkable moment
for both Teckentrup and the door industry as a whole. 

A Modular Platform
The Teckentrup 62 steel doorset is a modular platform product. This means that the SR3 certification sits alongside certification for performance characteristics such as fire, smoke, acoustics, thermal, pressure and cycleage. One product that can be configured to multiple uses with multiple performance characteristics.

An example? Many Teckentrup doors currently specified on the CrossRail project at Whitechapel & Liverpool Street stations are SR3 doors with 120 minutes fire integrity, 60 minutes fire insulation, 40dB sound attenuation, 5kPa pressure and 200,000 cycles – the Teckentrup 62.

Versatility Brings Total Confidence
Teckentrup 62’s versatility means that specifiers can have total confidence that specification is backed with certification. No grey areas where certification is supplied that applies to different products, just one product tested and certified to meet specification.

What About CE Marking And Other Standards?
Teckentrup has been pragmatic in its approach to certification, adapting its products that are certified for the pan-European volume market to “local” UK practices without losing the leverage on price that volume brings. There are three distinct and separate strands of certification that envelop the Teckentrup 62:

  1. LPS 1175: Issue 7. Teckentrup 62 is Security Rating 3, (A performance characteristic that is not part of the EN14351-1 CE mark or accompanying Declaration of Performance).
  2. EN14351-1 and its “family” of sub-norms. Teckentrup 62 can be specified to achieve EN1627-1 RC4 resulting in an EN14351-1 CE marked door that is fully compliant with CPR and will carry a Declaration of Performance covering essential characteristics and sub-norms such as security, fire, acoustics, and so on, as required, to confirm the desired specification.
  3. Certifire. Teckentrup 62 is approved to FD120. (A performance characteristic that is not part of the EN14351-1 CE mark or accompanying Declaration of Performance).

Whilst it is essential not to mix standards, it is clear that as a result of Teckentrup’s pragmatic approach, Teckentrup 62 is a multi-functional and multi-system product - the pragmatic door!

Very Large Doors
Looking in more depth at the SR3 certificate uncovers more remarkable capabilities – Teckentrup 62 goes big on both inward and outward opening doors:

Single Leaf 4200mm h x 1576mm w
Double leaf 4200mm h x 4200mm w

A Range, Not Just A Doorset  
The LPS 1175: Issue 7 Security Rating 3 for Teckentrup 62 is one of the longest on file at the LPCB – why? At 17 pages the certification covers not just the doorsets in steel or stainless steel, but the extensive range of locks, cylinders and options that can be configured to suit wide ranging applications whilst still meeting the standard.

There are 108 locking variants covering:

  • Single or three-point locking and five-point locking for double doors
  • Mechanical Locking, electro-mechanical locking and access control locking
  • Auto bolting or auto bolting and auto deadlocking
  • Surface mounted locking
  • Electronic locking with key override
  • Handle, key and thumbturn combinations
  • Panic bars, push pads and delayed egress

52 Cylinder Variants from:  
ASSA, iLOQ, Kaba, Abloy, Keso, Locken, Medeco, Access2 and Bramah

Options including: 
Alarm contacts, louvre vents, vision panels, flat or stepped thresholds and alternative frame profiles for installation onto corners and surrounds instead of within the reveal.

As a result, there is probably no usage scenario that cannot be met with a specification – quite an achievement for “one door”.

Certified Business Processes
As a final point for specifiers, and something that adds real gravitas to the range, all Teckentrup products are manufactured within processes audited to ISO 14025 & EN15804 Environmental Product Declaration, DIN EN ISO 9001 Quality management, DIN EN ISO 14001 Environmental management, and DIN EN ISO 50001 Energy management. 

Comparably Priced
“Whether you need a delayed egress fire exit on a retail unit, a shaft access door on a rail infra-structure project or an underground carpark access door in a hotel, our Teckentrup 62 has the core performance of SR3 that can be configured with fire, insulation, acoustics or whatever specification is required. It really is a remarkable achievement for Teckentrup and we’re already winning contracts as a result. Pleasingly, product manufacture is highly automated, so pricing is comparable to currently available products in the UK market” Commented Jim Rodger, Teckentrup’s Managing Director.

BRE’s Craig Devine (centre) presents Teckentrup with their first LPS 1175 certificate to SR 3 for their Teckentrup 62 hinged Security Doorset

Teckentrup 62 Modular Platform SR3 Door

Teckentrup 62 Modular Platform Door

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