Toolbox Tip - Header Fitting Position Options

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Header Fitting Position Options

“What are my options for the fitting position of the header?”

There are multiple fixing points in the frame leg to attach the header – here’s how to choose the one you need.

Header positioning options on the frame legs:

The two groups of three fixing holes at the top of the frame leg allow the header to be fixed at different levels relative to the top of the frame leg.

0mm sits flush with the top of the frame leg - the standard position.

-10mm sits 10mm down from the top of the frame leg.

-20mm sits 20mm down from the top of the frame leg.

-10mm and -20mm allow you to show an amount of header below the lintel when back fixing. This is useful if you want to even up the appearance when frame legs are showing within the reveal.

You can also use these positions to drop the header if the door is sitting low in the tracks to ensure the top panel closes against the top seal without a gap.

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