Toolbox Tip - Trimming Up CarTeck Side Hinged Garage Doors

Toolbox Tips - Easy to follow fitting tips for installers. The fitting instructions tell you how to do it, but don’t always give the full picture... …Particularly when it comes to what happens if you don’t do it right!

These little snippets are an easy refresher to help sidestep some of the common mistakes made when fitting CarTeck sectional garage doors. Bite-sized makes it easy to remember!

If you’re not the person fitting doors, make sure you share his with your installers. Saves a headache on site and the time to make a call to find out what the problem is!

Trimming Up

Concealed hinges make trimming up CarTeck side hinged garage doors easy...

With no hinges at the edge of the frame, trimming up your opening is easy. No notching out trim or running tricky mastic beads to go around surface mounted hinges.

Trim is an effective way of blending a garage door with surrounding finishes. If you are using trim, make sure you keep to this rule...

When trimming up at the sides of a side hinged garage door, if your trim overlaps onto the frame, ensure it is <10mm thick. Trim thicker than 10mm will foul the arc of the door leaf preventing full opening.

See the diagram below for detail.

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