Finished in style

Each profile is available in a selection of finishes as shown in the grid below.

All of our sectional garage doors are supplied as standard in traffic white embossed wood grain on the outside (similar to RAL9016) and grey white embossed stucco on the inside (RAL9002).

RAL Colours

Something special in mind?

If the colour you require is not available as a Trend colour we are able to coat our standard panels in any RAL colour.

Standard Ribbed, Centre Ribbed and Solid Profile

White Trend/RAL
White Trend/RAL
White Trend/RAL
White Trend/RAL
Micro Profile
Night Oak
Smooth Wood Effect
Smooth Wood Effect
Golden Oak
Smooth Wood Effect
Smooth Wood Effect

Georgian Profile

White Trend/RAL
Night Oak
Golden Oak

Trend Colours

Flame Red
Fir Green
Moss Green
Sepia Brown
Window Grey
Anthracite Grey
White Aluminium
Quartz Grey
Light Grey
Grey Aluminium
Jet Black
Steel Blue
Umbra Grey
Slate Grey
RAL 7015
TT 703
Satin metallic effect - grey with micaceous iron ore particles.
Anthracite Textured
Ice Crystal
Grey Aluminium
TT9016 Bling White
with micaceous iron ore particles glitter effect.

Life-like Wood Effect

Finishes to complement existing uPVC windows and entrance doors

Winchester Standard Ribbed

Our wood effect doors definitely look the part - characterful woodgraining brings these designs to life.

Rich woodtones

Our wide grain wood effect finishes are grained to give a much more natural look than close grain finishes. See right a close up of a standard ribbed door panel finished in Winchester.

Colour Matching

For colour matching to other finishes such as window frames, always request a sample. Although wood effects complement existing uPVC windows, they do not match precisely.

Better scratch resistance & UV stability

These woodgrains are a paint finished surface instead of the traditional surface bonded film. They outperform films for scratch resistance. The paint finish is also more UV stable over time, retaining colour for longer and less prone to the finish becoming “milky” in strong sunlight. 

Twin Carteck Side Hinged Solid Horizontal In Night Oak Smooth Wood Effect Finish
CarTeck Georgian Side Hinged Garage Door - Woodgrain Vertical Wood Effect Rosewood
Carteck Side Hinged Georgian Horizontal in Golden Oak Woodgrain Wood Effect Finish Asymmetric
Carteck Side Hinged Solid Horizontal In Night Oak Smooth Wood Effect Finish

A note about colour:

Direct Sunlight
Where doors are exposed to direct sunlight, dark colours should be avoided. 

RAL References
RAL references for colours are provided as a guide only to the nearest similar RAL colour. Colours will not match to other RAL finishes due to different coating processes, gloss levels, substrates and textures. Similarly, special RAL, BS, wood effects or other colours will not be a precise match. 

Colour Accuracy
Colours shown are limited in accuracy by the viewing screen - samples should always be requested.

Mitred Frames
The mitred door leaf frame and door frame are finished in a matching smooth finish for white, Trend (including Anthracite Textured) and RAL coloured doors. For these Trend colours, a complimentary flat colour is used: Ice Crystal Grey Aluminium (RAL9007), TT9016 Bling White (RAL 9016), Golden Oak (RAL8003), Rosewood (RAL8016) and Night Oak (RAL8014), Winchester (RAL8001) wood design finishes. 

Colour Matching To Other Finishes

If you are matching to other finishes such as window frames, always request a sample, particularly for wood effects such as rosewood, golden oak, night oak or Winchester.

Keeping your door looking good and properly maintained:

Cleaning On Installation
After the installation has been completed, clean and dry the door thoroughly inside and out with warm soapy water to remove any grease, dust and metal fragments from the door (these will discolour the door finish if left on the door).

The door should be washed with a car shampoo or similar, every two months, to prevent the build up of dirt, salt, grit and other corrosive substances.

If the door is in an area prone to coastal corrosion from airborne salts, the door should be cleaned monthly.

Furthermore, cleaning operating gear with a cloth soaked in a light oil will help to protect your door from corrosion – it must be accepted that salt air is very aggressive and extra care is required.

No caustic, abrasive or corrosive chemicals and substances, flood water, water runoff, or runoff from lead, copper or galvanic metal flashing should be allowed to come into contact with the door.

Ash, cement, dust, animal waste, or foreign substances should be removed immediately. Failure to ensure the door is cleaned and maintained as described will invalidate the doors’ warranty.

Doors must be maintained as per the supplied Installation, Operating and Maintenance Manual by a Garage Door Specialist.

Failure to carry out the required maintenance at the advised interval will invalidate the warranty.