Bullet-proof Steel Doors

The Teckentrup bullet-proof steel door prevents bullets from travelling through it. Its application areas include safe rooms in airports and train stations, police stations, banks, court buildings, police cells in large arenas, but also private buildings which demand a high-level of security.

  • Tested in accordance with DIN EN 1522, Class FB 4
  • BS EN 1522 Bullet proof rating FB4
  • Corner frame 2.0 mm thick, galvanized with 3-sided seal and bottom sill.
  • Door leaf thickness 64 mm

Bullet-proof Steel Door DW64-1 “Teckentrup BP”


  • Width: 750 – 1500 mm
  • Height: 1750 – 3000 mm

Door leaf

  • Double-skinned, rebated on 3 sides
  • Door leaf thickness 64 mm
  • Sheet thickness 1.5 mm


  • Corner frame 2.0 mm thick, galvanized with 3-sided seal and bottom sill. 
  • Frame fixed with 3 screws on each side

Surface Door leaf/Frame galvanized and prime coated similar to RAL 9002 (grey white)

Glazing In accordance with DIN EN 1063-BR 4

Bullet-proof protection The solid, 64 mm thick door leaf is equipped with special armoured protection and is classified as Class FB 4 for handguns, e.g. “44 Magnum”. This corresponds to Class M3 in accordance with German Performance requirements. The door can also be fitted with glazing (in accordance with DIN EN 1063 – BR 4). The test also specifies that the door is shatter-proof, i.e. prevents fragments and secondary projectiles from entering a room.


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